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08 Apr 2024
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Droneport details needed, says residents' association
Cross country carnival held at Woy Woy South
Tesch to co-chair 'MP Friends of Olympics' group
Anti-scams forum to be held at Ocean Beach surf club
Appeal launched to build covered area at arboretum
Rotary president visits Fiji to research projects
Carers NSW to hold information session
Cookery wins at Northumberland group competition*
Second session for prospective councillors*
Man arrested on drug charges
Fire brigade holds fundraiser outside supermarket
Interest sought from gardening volunteers
Library holds 'glow workshops' in school holidays
Memorial service reveals a life that was a love story
Men's club makes herbal infusions for cooking*
Residents celebrate Seniors' Week in Japanese garden*
Children may learn to knit at Umina library*
Brigades called help injured mountain bike rider
Meals on Wheels day was a 'resounding success'
Pat's Day at Rotary club
Open day at PCYC on Saturday
Reid to run photography competition again
Easter Bunny visits physie class
Presbyterian church welcomes new minister
Raffle raises money for food pantries
Do you prefer rolls or slices with your sausage?*
The joy of fire brigade membership*
Trivia night at Pearl Beach*
March rainfall was lowest in 20 years
Dual occupancy proposed for Karingi St
Three-storey dwelling proposal would remove 17 trees
New plans exhibited for dual occupancy
Application made to extend 'boat berthing pen'
Drone delivery questions go unanswered*
Information wanted about missing necklace*
Drone delivery is arrogant plan*
Free chiropractic clinic held at Mingaletta
Aged care home makes transition to 'household' dining
Catering team raises $4600 for youth mental health
Women's health centre to receive more funding*
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'New generation' folk musician to play at Troubadour*
Umina artist in Gosford exhibition*
Tribute to jewellery student*
Selected for North Sydney basketball team*
Canteen manager wanted for Umina school
Easter hat parade held at Ettalong
Parents call for 'full funding' for public schools
Students give cards and chocolates for Easter
Mindfulness sessions held in school chapel
College wins pig prizes at Royal Easter Show
Excursion to Royal Easter Show*
Splash-a-thon to be held on last day of term
Variety of activities at Yarn-up
Big bowls finals played at Everglades
Bridge club holds annual Teams of Three event*
Information for cadet soccer referees*
Umina lifesavers show they are champions
Charity bowlers raise $350 despite the rain
Brisbane Water club represented at bridge congress*
Leo competes in State discus after breaking local record*
Grubs competition to start on Sunday
Roosters announce the return of Kyle McLean*
Umina Minor Pairs final was 'great game'*
'Impressive season' for Youth League side*
Outrigger club brings home three medals
Under-12s cricketers had 'outstanding' season*
Park run attracts 219 runners*
Women's rugby side put on 'good performance'*
Women's all age soccer players wanted*
Swans hold indoor training for parents and players*
Woy Woy 10-year-old wins State swimming bronze
Tennis changes at Pearl Beach*
Council threatens soccer club with fines over venue use
Women's triples final played at Umina
Umina takes first two places in Turn Around Triples Day*
SEU meets Woy Woy in women's division one soccer*



Droneport details needed, says residents' association

More details about a droneport proposed for the roof of the Woolworths' supermarket in Woy Woy should be included in a development application before Central Coast Council considers its merits, the Peninsula Residents' Association has claimed.

The development application lodged by SLR Consulting Australia Pty Ltd for drone operator Zipline also does not provide adequate information to warrant approval, the association says.

The association has asked that the droneport be treated as "prohibited" under the planning provisions.

"The commercial flying of drones" is a new use of the land that requires assessment by Central Coast Council, the association has written in a submission to the council

"The admitted involvement of the Civil Aviation Safety Authority means that the 'physical infrastructure' is ostensibly an 'air transport facility' which is prohibited in the E1 zone.

"The 15km delivery area described in public statements by Woolworths and Zipline means it could well also qualify as an airstrip, freight transport facility, a transport depot or a distribution centre, all of which are prohibited in the zone," the submission states.

In these cases, a fully-fledged Planning Proposal would be needed to rezone the site.

"Even if does not fall under these definitions, the operation would fall under 'any other development not specified' and would be subject to Council consent.

"In any case, the development application should provide full details of the proposed operation.

"The Statement of Environmental Effects for the application does not mention operating times, numbers of drones, flight frequency, flight paths and heights or payload standards.

"It does not state its landing area requirements or whether or how it would serve the medium density areas of the Peninsula which have minimal open space and less soft areas for landing deliveries.

"Without this information, neither the council nor the community has the necessary basis to support the application.

"Unconditional blanket approval is inappropriate, and neither is conditional approval without an application first publicly disclosing the basis for them and giving the opportunity for submissions to be made about them.

"While the association has not taken a position on the novel use of drones, it would want the community to be fully informed about the proposal and the substantial safety concerns addressed before approval of any facility is contemplated."

Residents Association planning specialist Mr Frank Wiffen said: "The idea is that these grocery orders will be dropped by parachute to lucky recipients in a matter of minutes after being ordered."

He said a Canberra trial by another company called Wing which is owned by Alphabet, a massive conglomerate which also owns Google, came to an end in September.

"Many residents were strongly opposed to the drones and started a community-wide protest group," he said.

Mr Wiffen said the viability of drone delivery services seemed to rely on "maxing out" the operation with high numbers of deliveries, high charges and low numbers of operators.

"The universal view among drone delivery companies seems to be that by far the biggest obstacle they face in setting up a viable operation is government regulation.

"Specific regulations of major importance are the ability to fly a drone beyond line of sight and the ability for a single operator to be responsible for multiple drones.

"The industry says the optimum number is 15.

"This brings costs down to a level where they can compete with other delivery methods."

Mr Wiffen said it was also likely that its viability would also rely on its use by other local businesses, such as chemists and fast food operators.

"This is not mentioned in the development application.

"Otherwise, it would be more appropriately located at Woolworths' Warnervale warehouse.

"In Australia, trials of drone delivery has so far been confined to low density areas in Canberra and Queensland.

"The Woy Woy operation may be an extremely important precedent as the first in NSW.

"We think it deserves close scrutiny by council and the community."

The association is encouraging residents to send submissions about DA/204/2024 to Central Coast Council, before the closing date of April 9.

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