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1577919DA/67/2024167 North Burge RoadWOY WOYDwelling House, Alterations or additions to an existing building or structure 22/01/202401 Feb 2024 02:3322 Feb 2024 Notification/Advertising22 Feb 2024 
1579079DA/82/2024107 Australia AvenueUMINA BEACHDwelling, Inground Swimming Pool & Demolition of existing structures 280380582803805725/01/202401 Feb 2024 02:3316 Feb 2024 Notification/Advertising23 Feb 2024 
1574359DA/12/2024159 Nagari RoadWOY WOYConstruction & Operation of Landfill Cell - Woy Woy Waste Management Facility (Designated & Nominated Integrated) (RPP) 280095878/01/202417 Jan 2024 08:5616 Feb 2024 Notification/Advertising16 Feb 2024 
1577043DA/56/202415 Monash RoadUMINA BEACHDwelling House, Erection of a new structure 280285662804949418/01/202401 Feb 2024 02:3316 Feb 2024 Notification/Advertising16 Feb 2024 
1573125DA/2451/202314 Bangalow StreetETTALONG BEACHDual occupancy (attached), Demolition, Erection of a new structureDual 280425582801934921/12/202330 Dec 2023 09:2416 Feb 2024 Notification/Advertising16 Feb 2024 
1573735DA/2468/202398 Phegans Bay RoadPHEGANS BAYDwelling House, Alterations or additions to an existing building or structure 280237742802544122/12/202330 Dec 2023 09:2409 Feb 2024 Notification/Advertising09 Feb 2024 
1579475DA/89/202432 Connex RoadUMINA BEACHSecondary Dwelling 280384472803846329/01/202401 Feb 2024 02:3309 Feb 2024 Notification/Advertising09 Feb 2024 
1573633DA/2464/202318 MacLeay AvenueWOY WOYResidential Flat Building consisting of 21 UnitsFlat 280279372800089622/12/202330 Dec 2023 09:2401 Feb 2024 Notification/Advertising01 Feb 2024 
1576630DA/48/202440 Bogan RoadBOOKER BAYMulti Dwelling Housing consisting of 4 Units & Demolition of existing structuresMulti 28024799280247982802482217/01/202417 Jan 2024 08:5601 Feb 2024 Notification/Advertising01 Feb 2024 
1573758DA/2472/2023135 Paton StreetWOY WOYMedium Density Housing, Demolition, Erection of a new structure 280232622802887028/12/202330 Dec 2023 09:2401 Feb 2024 Notification/Advertising01 Feb 2024 
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