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27 Jul 2020
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Crouch welcomes low-rise planning code
Councillors give themselves a pay rise
Councillors abolish tree register fee
Seals sighted in Woy Woy Bay
Ferry to use commercial wharf in Woy Woy
Ferry service disrupted
Woytopia Festival is cancelled
Activities start again at women's health centre
Activation framework and identity package for Peninsula
Council includes 21 playgrounds in draft strategy
Playgrounds upgraded, as 'playspace' strategy drafted
Church receives permission for alterations
Application for three three-bedroom villas
Proposal for three-storey six-unit flats open for comment
Six units proposed to replace two houses in one street
Two changes requested for aged care development
Customer service transactions resume at library
Bookmobile service returns
Online auction raises $4700 for hall upgrade
CWA hall to remain closed
Bruce Croft becomes Rotary president at Umina
Christmas in July raises money for Mary Mac's Place
Volunteers wanted for dunecare
'Collection dog' to raise money for Guide Dogs
Warrah Trig road closed
Level One water restrictions to remain until November
Amalgamation money redirected, Tesch claims
Photographer captures lightning storm
Bodies of elderly women found in Ettalong home
Wicks welcomes extension of coronavirus payments
Peninsula sees 46mm rainfall in three weeks
Council is removed from realities of the times
More important problems that need rectification
Money needed on decaying local road network
Real work of council languishes in the doldrums
Councillors give themselves a pay rise
Darkinjung proposal will have impact on Woy Woy
If we can do it, why can't the mega-pubs of Sydney?
Woy Woy Rd has changed little in 100 years
Aged care facility set to open in August
Patrick Brennan thanks 'wonderful neighbours'
Collapse  ARTS ARTS
Folk club to hold open-air performance at Hardys Bay
Group receives funding for tables
Exhibition at Ettalong
Wagstaffe artist has work on display in Gosford
Students achieve 'bronze' status
Mural installed on Umina school library wall
Women's soccer teams successful
Local teams avoid losses in Premier League
Southern and Ettalong United suffer narrow loss
Lions teams defeated in first round
Woy Woy Roosters looks at its options
Ken Young is Everglades major singles bowls champ
Glen becomes Umina's major singles champion
Woy Woy 'far from disgraced' in 70-nil defeat

Activation framework and identity package for Peninsula

A new "place activation framework" and "town centre identity package" have been produced by Central Coast Council for the Peninsula.

It is unclear whether the community will be given the opportunity to comment on the plans.

A council document, dated May 2020, and called the Place Activation Framework - Woy Woy, Umina, Ettalong Town Centre, said the aim of placemaking was to "facilitate creative patterns of activity, exchange and connection, that support its ongoing social, recreational, cultural and economic role and celebrate its unique character."

"Visitation drivers" would "attract people to centres and create momentum for visitation by residents and visitors".

To decide what the "visitation drivers" would be, the document said: "It is essential to arrive at a thorough and considered understanding of place.

"This requires a detailed audit of the essential elements of a centre that extends to the public domain and explores how the centre fits within a wider environment."

The Place Activation Framework document outlines council's "place assessment findings, along with a summary of the engagement outcomes that serves as basis for the identified key principles which can drive activation and align with the centres identity".

An invitation sent to selected stakeholders to attend video presentation sessions in June, sent by Council's enterprise and activation officer Ms Tanya Press, said: "Through observation, research and engagement sessions with the community and stakeholders in late 2019, tailored activation projects and initiatives for each of the areas has been developed."

Ms Press said the Place Activation Framework would "identify short, medium and longer term initiatives and projects that will increase visitation, enliven the centres and improve the visitor experience".

"Our goal is to foster community pride and transform the way the community interacts and connects with each of the town centres."

The Place Activation Framework said it was "informed through an analysis of Central Coast Council's strategic documentation and the Peninsula Chamber of Commerce's previous work, including engagement workshops undertaken in 1998".

Consultation with the public and local businesses in late 2019 was also considered.

The framework describes the "best bits" of Woy Woy as: Fisherman's Wharf; waterfront; pelicans; Gnostic Corner; beaches out of town and op shops.

Ideas identified for Woy Woy included an activation team, large-scale event, interactive boardwalk, streetscape beautification, artistic mural, greenery and colour and a business hashtag.

Umina's strengths were listed as vacant shop activation, new opportunities and nature and the same strengths were identified for the Ettalong town centre.

Ideas listed for Umina were a food and wine festival, art events, community collaboration and night events.

Ideas identified for Ettalong were interactive art walks, the ferry connection, dining destination, cycle trails event, shuttle services, water activities and beautify the entry points.

In addition to proposals for each of the town centres, a Peninsula-wide "way-finding" strategy was proposed, a social media strategy, Peninsula merchandising, business training, streamlining of "pop-up" events, activation of vacant shops, a waste management and a graffiti management program.

The Identity Package was an assembly of graphics, colours, words and phrases designed to express the town centre's unique image and essence.

"It is intended to be a design guide for future public domain works, creative installations and promotional material."

The identify package included a new Peninsula Logo based on a water graphic.

Logos and colour palettes have been developed for each town centre around common themes and elements unique to each location.

Stakeholders who attended the invitation-only consultation in June were asked whether the vision accurately represented the town centres, whether they agreed with the action points and how they felt about the elements and patterns presented in the Identity Packages.

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