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12 Feb 2024
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Year 10 students spend first day at new campus
'Pre-consultation' starts for community land review
'Is Ocean Beach sea wall still planned?' ACF group asks
Prime Minister has Medicare cake in Umina
Peninsula groups to pilot local energy trading network
Everglades opens grant applications*
Plenty of activities at Patonga fire station
Craft day held on long weekend
Talks to help residents become energy efficient
Dunecare work resumes
Umina CWA to hold fabric sale
Ferries diverted to Patonga*
Reminder of the world's oldest living culture
Report of Australia Day fireworks grass fire*
Local Member presents flags for Australia Day*
Food donations delivered*
Jam will be made on Thursday*
Lunch club meets on the first Monday*
Marine Rescue unit has busy Australia Day weekend
Ettalong mural is finished*
Sensitive storytime at Woy Woy library
Group to discuss Tao Te Ching*
Fire brigade holds training night*
January records 99mm rainfall
Affordable housing proposal has 17 one-bedroom units
Proposal to replace one 'gun-barrel' with another
CEN announces campaign to fix planning scheme
Blanket planning rules could change the Peninsula
Miticide used for varroa mite
'Cinderalla' reserve should be community land
Fortress mentality widespread within Council
Most complaints about Central Coast Council*
Celebrating her 105th birthday
Charity bowls day raises $1035
Retirement village residents celebrate Australia Day
Psychiatry specialist joins hospital team
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Patchwork group 'happy to be back'
Little Theatre holds free play readings
New silvercraft tutor starts at arts and crafts centre
'Rising star' to perform at Opera in the Arboretum*
Little Theatre announces 2024 season
Free basket and textiles project starts for women
Cross country training starts at Woy Woy South
Reminder to update phone app
Professional learning for school staff
Families will 'meet the teacher'
Students finish Year 6 typing faster than they write
Fours championship bowls final played at Umina
Woy Woy Wolves open baseball registration
Rugby club to celebrate 50 years*
Bunnies start 'boot bank'
Bridge club plays Australia Day pairs
Junior registration days for Umina Bunnies*
Canoe club to host regatta at Patonga
Floorball starts tomorrow*
Grommets' start delayed*
Kane Williams signs with Roosters*
Junior rugby players help at Mary Mac's*
Umina life savers spend at day at The Entrance
Pool 'regularly unavailable' over next five weeks
Grant for cricket pitch roller
Woy Woy Rugby holds annual sports luncheon*
Women rugby players 'better get in quick'
New team formation process at Southern and Ettalong
Umina hosts regional surf boat event*
Girls should give Aussie Rules a try, says Liesl Tesch
Swiss pairs results after three matches*
Umina United announces women's coach*



Blanket planning rules could change the Peninsula

The State Government is proposing blanket planning rules that could change the nature of the Peninsula without any regard to local needs.

Its "Explanation of the Intended Changes" is open for submissions until Friday, February 23.

According to the Explanation, the changes are designed to "respond to the housing crisis and will build a better planning system for the future".

"We will need to build at least 550,000 new homes in Sydney by 2041."

The Explanation lists some specific provisions, but the explanation is frequently vague or conditional, making it difficult to understand the impact that the changes would have on the Peninsula.

The changes will affect Greater Sydney and Six Cities Areas, both of which include "Central Coast City" as it is called in the document.

The Explanation states "Sydney is one of the least dense global cities", but does not state the density it has in mind or give a comparative example.

Mogadishu in Somalia is reputedly the world's most densely-populated city with 33,244 people per square kilometre. This is not mentioned in the Explanation.

Its solution is to increase density of two-storey "low-rise" and six-storey "mid-rise" housing.

It states that across the Six-Cities Region, around 77 per cent of residential land is zoned for low density (R2), but only 12 per cent is zoned for medium density (R1).

Rather than rezoning, it targets increasing density in Low Density Residential (R2) zones, and plans to implement provisions that councils will be unable to refuse.

Councils would have "the flexibility to set more permissive local controls that suit local areas".

The proposed changes are not accompanied by any required increase in infrastructure and, in some respects, it is reduced with, for example, less off-street parking.

The changes take no account of areas like the Peninsula which, with about 45 per cent of land zoned R1 medium density, has almost four times the average.

Many of the changes only apply to development types "whenever they are permitted" within the zone.

The Department of Planning's proposals stop short of overriding the list of "uses" for a zone specified in the council's planning scheme, although the Explanation states it will "work with" councils where it believes the list should change.

The new dual-occupancy rules would apply in low-density zones on the Peninsula, because dual-occupancies are already permitted in that zone.

The changes would allow 9.5 metre high dual occupancies in low-density areas of the Peninsula, while only 8.5 metre high dual occupancies are permitted in the medium density areas.

In low-density areas, the changes will allow lot sizes as small as 450 square metres and a 30 per cent increase in the habitable floor area (not including utilities and the like) to 65 per cent of the lot.

The changes allow for gun-barrel and other multi-dwelling developments to be permitted in low-density zones within 800 metres of the town centres of Woy Woy, Ettalong and Umina, with a maximum height of 9.5 metres and a floor space ratio of 0.7:1.

Residential flats could be built to 21 metres high within 400 metres of town centres and to 16 metres within 800 metres, except in low-density zones.

The Explanation can be found at

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