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Collapse Issue 513:<br />22 Feb 2021<br />_____________Issue 513:
22 Feb 2021
Collapse  NEWS NEWS
Empire Bay Marina to be assessed for contamination
Marina closure will not affect ferry service
Powerline helicopters inspect Peninsula
Residents question need for demolition of native trees
Amended Farnell Rd proposal reduces number of units
Young man airlifted to hospital after fall onto rocks
Comment sought on Umina drainage concept plans
Planning panel knocks back six-storey Ettalong proposal
South St comments close March 5
GUST seeks progress on Greener Places strategy
Rotary club celebrates 45 years
Bays group committee re-elected for another year
Rotary club presents $500 cheque to Mary Macs Place
Fascinated by turtles
CWA hall is available for hire again
Meditation on Women's Day
Companion award for regular research donor
Suspended from parliament
Forget Me Not cafe at Umina today
Security camera images released
CWA branch offers media training
PCYC holds open day
Church offers alternatives to Sunday morning worship
Country club takes wedding venue award
Online business opens shopfront
Dry start to year continues
We elect them to work for us and not against us
Loss of every tree on building site a huge loss
Aged care residents to receive Covid vaccine this week
Medical practice to move from Umina to Woy Woy
Aged care staff receive service awards
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Craft classes resume with 50 students
Centre looks for new people for committee
Charli presents proposal in Legislative Council chamber
Donation supports breakfast club
Morning cafe for students and staff
Gardening club starts for the year
Only two gates open in the mornings
Sport house captains elected
Poster entries sought for Night under the Stars
College prepares for next year's Year 7 students
College plans snow sports excursion
Open days at St John's school
Trees survive summer holidays
Soccer coaching company withdraws training program
Umina women play triples championships
New change rooms help female participation in sport
Eagles hold junior grading sessions
Netball association runs umpiring workshops
Junior non-competition soccer players wanted
Valentines Day Pairs bridge results
Southern Spirit cricket results
Junior touch scores
Riding a loop around the Peninsula
Soccer president appreciates five years of hard work


Loss of every tree on building site a huge loss

The silence in Blackwall on Monday, February 8, started as any other day, until I heard the chainsaws start.

There is a bush track that runs from Warwick St to Wallaby St in Blackwall filled with many shrubs, trees, birds and wildlife.

I have been a resident of Blackwall for over 20 years now.

I used to walk my daughter to pre-school through this bush track which in the winter time fills with water and mud. It also floods.

The blocks in this bush track have been subdivided and have been due for development for years now.

On Monday, the chainsaws took out every paperbark tree on the site as well as all the smaller trees.

Tuesday came and I was shattered when I heard the tree trunk crack of a 30metre tall gum tree on the edge of the block.

This tree was not in the middle of the block and was not in the way of building on the block.

I was a wildlife carer for many years and released many birds onto this block over the years.

It was home to every species that we see here on the Coast.

Not one of those trees were checked for wildlife before they were put through the mulcher.

I spent my whole week crying over the total loss of our wildlife and our green spaces.

I wrote to Lucy Wicks MP and have asked her to check with the council who approved the removal of every tree on this block.

I am so scared with the Council now in great debt that they are now selling off our Coast to developers at a whim.

Under this Government, we know they do not look after our environment or wildlife and we must hold them accountable.

I understand about development but we have had no vacancies for a doctor's appointment in Woy Woy for 10 years now so with all this new development going on where are the services they will need?

After the black summer of last year, we really should be protecting what green spaces we have left for future generations.

This is a huge loss and, even if they plant new trees, it will take 100 years or more for them to reach the stage of the ones they took.

It is up to all residents to look after our own backyard for the benefit of all in the future.

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