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11 Jan 2021
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Petrol station neighbours hit by noise and parking limit

Residents opposite the new petrol station in Ocean Beach Rd say they have been detrimentally-affected by parking restrictions and noise which has followed its opening.

They have called on Central Coast Council to remove the No Stopping signs placed in front of their properties.

Mr Rob Landow said he and his neighbours had not been consulted about the change.

He said they were not advised of the development application when it was submitted to council and had not been approached by Council staff.

He said that the signs, which were installed unannounced, made it difficult for residents to take deliveries for their small businesses at home or to receive medical supplies and nursing services as they had previously.

Service providers would now have to park in adjacent streets, which often flooded, to be able to visit these properties, he said.

"Council has made a poor decision to erect No Stopping signs along Ocean Beach Rd without consultation with residents," he said.

"It has not fully considered all the dangers, health, financial and noise pollution impact that has created for the residents."

Mr Landow said that the restrictions caused danger to vehicles entering and leaving their properties, as well as to pedestrians on the footpath.

The footpath had a high volume of pedestrians, including young children, because of a nearby bus stop.

Mr Landow said that he believed the new petrol station would be good for the Peninsula, but that the council had not considered nearby residents when it placed conditions on the development's approval.

He said the council had not placed adequate noise controls on the development.

"Residents have to put up with loud speakers, from the garage, going day and night.

"They start at 5.40am and can still be heard booming after 9.30pm.

"Residents have small children and they are kept awake by this constant loud noise and flood light pouring into their lounge room windows.

"Did Council consider this?"

Mr Landow said that loose grates across the petrol station driveway also created a loud noise at all hours as cars entered and left the petrol station.

Mr Landow said the residents had written to Member for Gosford Ms Liesl Tesch and had received a response from Council development assessment manager Mr Andrew Roach.

His letter stated: " I have been advised by staff that this matter has been investigated and Council [staff] has confirmed that the signage was a condition of development consent for the development application No 50046/2016 Part 3 (service station and two shops) at 303-313 Ocean Beach Rd, Umina Beach, approved on 23 December 2016.

"The signage and line-marking engineering plans were submitted for endorsement and adopted by the traffic committee on 8 November 2017."

Mr Landow said he had been told by council staff that they could not say any more because the matter had been referred to "the Minister".

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