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16 Nov 2020
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Peninsula News is still here
Remembrance Day ceremony held at Ettalong
Umina Mall demolition makes way for new centre
Fire hazard reduction burns planned for The Bays
Blackwall Mountain 'severely damaged', says Trust
Ettalong Bowls Club weathers coronavirus pandemic
Information centre receives level two accreditation
Bridge Warriors renew letter-writing campaign
Council backs off on street tree planting
Men's Shed to hold garage sale in former car yard
Restrictions impact school farm operation, Rotary told
New graduate appointed to Umina fire station
Survey to understand arboretum use
Rotary holds christmas tree sale
Litter collected from Woy Woy Bay
Continued success with bacon and egg rolls
Help sought to locate missing man
Fire brigade holds 'relay training'
Group pursues environmental options
Historic newsletters wanted
Letters to let people know they are not forgotten
Opera raffle closes next week
Safer driver's course offered through PCYC
More than $6000 raised in Cup sweep for Rotary
Bags being filled with toiletries
Markets held at Umina
Almost 40mm in 13 days
Were mergers really making councils 'fit for future'?
A complete bungle on the part of the Council
Aged care home resumes bus outings
Christmas drummer bear included in decorations
Aged care residents buy ECG machine
Bently is 'cutest pet'
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Hoping mural will be the first of many
Author launches new children's book
Vice-captain appointed to Minister's steering committee
New building planned for Ettalong school
Woy Woy campus captains chosen
School seeks voluntary ethics teachers
Nominations open for SRC and school captains
Students were voluntary referees
Preschool children plant vegetables and flowers
Learning about the life cycle of silkworms
'Naughty or nice' fundraiser
Students tutored in lawn bowls
Swimming zone champions receive certificates
Rugby league and touch teams make it to the finals
Umina United women win soccer grand final
Daniel celebrates his 100th First Grade game
Women's bowls club celebrates 61st birthday
State bowls championships to be held at Ettalong
Representative netball players selected
Southern Spirit cricket results
With more players, four Ducks teams are fielded
Christmas Party entries close early
Bicycle group holds 'coffee cruise'

A complete bungle on the part of the Council

?", PN 506), dating back to the amalgamation decision, strains credulity more than a little.

First of all, I don't think that there is anybody in our state government with the brains to plan such a Machiavellian scheme four years ahead of time.

Secondly, it is difficult to see how the Liberal government had the capacity to manoeuvre the Labor council into apparent blunders and misjudgements on a scale that would justify suspension.

Thirdly, even if they could, what is the benefit to the government of bringing about this debacle: Central Coast Council is of no consequence in the state balance of power, so, if Norm Harris is right, the Minister has just been put to the trouble of appointing a temporary Administrator merely for the pleasure of embarrassing an insignificant player in state politics.

I'd say that Occam's Razor applies here.

It looks like a complete bungle on the part of the Council, it sounds like a complete bungle on the part of the Council and it is viewed by the Minister as a complete bungle on the part of the Council, so why do we need to search for hidden motives in this matter?

If amalgamation was at the bottom of it, how does it happen that other councils have been amalgamated umpteen times over the years without this result?

The pathetic excuse that bushfires and Covid have put the Council in a financially unstable position immediately raises the question of how other councils, far more affected by these factors, have managed to come through, without bankrupting the ratepayers.

To propose that the inconsequential Regional Plan is to blame (I pointed out, when it was published, that it made no contribution to a development strategy for the area and that the Council would have to take the initiative, if we wanted anything worthwhile to guide us) is so far-fetched that it is worthy of Donald Trump.

Is it any wonder that the Minister decided Central Coast needed a Planning Panel to take decision-making out of the hands of our inept councillors?

The bleating about how a Panel would not be responsive to local wishes would prompt anybody to ask how responsive our councillors have been to local concerns.

Peninsula News reports, week after week, examples of Council's riding roughshod over the wishes of Peninsula residents, in violation of its own standards, in approving non-conforming developments, so an independent Panel can only be better.

The Council hasn't even managed to reconcile the old, separate planning instruments into a single instrument for the city - something that a junior clerk could manage in considerably less than three years.

Finally, it is pertinent to ask what Council has done in its three years in office, to justify its continuation.

To read the recently published list of councillors' achievements is to be dismayed by the picayune level of thinking that it reveals.

Let us hope that, at the end of the three-month hiatus, the Minister will decide to let the Administrator continue in charge until September.

It is horrifying to think that, if the Administrator straightens out the mess, the intention is to return control into the same incompetent hands as created the problem in the first instance: imagine what havoc they could still wreak in the eight months that would give them.

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