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01 Jun 2020
Woy Woy could see up to 6000 new dwellings
Woy Woy to be 'high density' residential and office area
Population projected to grow less than national average
Statement is tragic reflection of planning system
Only interested in inappropriate development?
Travesty to take park from so many who enjoy it
Council is destroying a wonderful place to live
Strategic plan is as much use as a hole in the head
Residents are completely ignored
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Parking meters and carpark with shuttle bus proposed
Coastal walking track to undergo $1.4 million upgrade
Conservatorium artistic director airlifted to Sydney
Jayne Mote named volunteering 'living legend'
Helicopter patrols power lines for bushfire prevention
Council to act on lagoon plan, seven years later
Feedback opportunity for Mt Ettalong Reserve
Keep natural look and feel at Mt Ettalong, survey finds
Tesch wants ideas for shared public spaces
Council approves work on Umina CWA hall
Rotary club makes donations to regional charities
Boat ramp closed
Rotary club hosts international speaker online
CWA work continues despite restrictions
Volunteer recognised for 15 years of pet therapy
Council rebrands bushcare program
Council chief keeps power to decide all tenders
Tesch calls for bee industry recovery plan
Restrictions on passenger numbers 'unworkable'
Local business vital in unprecedented times, says MP
Club hears about Rotary project in Nepal
Police seek whereabouts of missing woman
Aged care resident pays surprise visit for 94th birthday
Lottery win
Project wants reports of whale sightings
Fuel prices: Talking, writing and urging is not working
Plastic debris on beaches almost unbelievable
Try local police station for lost keys
Make dog signs bigger
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Pearl Beach music scholarship concert is postponed
Woy Woy loses demountable classroom
Social distancing not required on buses, says operator
Year Five opportunity class placements delayed
Kindergarten information sessions rescheduled
Surfing coach wins award
Wrecked at Bouddi Point
Paddle steamer wreck gives Maitland Bay its name

Statement is tragic reflection of planning system

Central Coast Council's recently released draft Local Strategic Planning Statement is a tragic reflection of what has become of our state and local planning systems.

Systems which are so important to the quality of life of all Central Coast residents, have now become sad parodies of their former selves.

The planning system reflected in the ABC production "Utopia" looks positively functional compared to the dysfunction and cynicism demonstrated in these documents.

The following points may shed some light on the problems which render these documents redundant for providing either a Strategic Vision for the Central Coast or even a basic vehicle for public consultation.

Abuse of the English language: Many of the sentences in these reports do not make sense.

There are many examples of random words (mostly unfathomable jargon) being strung together to masquerade as a sentence or paragraph.

The report also makes extensive use of non-sequitur statements.

Clearly no one with a grasp of the English language has proof read, much less edited these reports.

Similarly, no reader, however diligent, could possibly make sense of what has been written.

For example, the third (of four) key Strategic Priorities for Umina is "Capitalising on Amenity Benefits by improving relationship (sic) between public and private spaces to the benefit of the public whilst fostering community 'ownership' and approval as part of the renewal process and business community". (P66).

The first and second priorities are sadly, no better articulated.

The fourth priority "Creating Opportunity for Innovative Development and Design" while clearly written, seems to have been thrown in just for good measure.

Who could argue with such a noble goal?

Why, one wonders, does this just relate to Umina in particular, and how exactly will this be achieved specifically for Umina?

Did the author run out of ideas and need to make sure there were four priorities?

I also wonder what the "development of a cohesive public domain approach strategy" (p61) for Woy Woy might mean?

How can the community meaningfully comment on such twaddle?

If these are some of the headline priorities, you can imagine how well written and thought out the rest of the draft report is, all 170 pages of it.

The language of these reports is peppered with weasel words,

(i.e." ...words and phrases aimed at creating an impression that something specific and meaningful has been said, when in fact only a vague or ambiguous claim has been communicated. Using weasel words may allow the audience to later deny any specific meaning if the statement is challenged, because the statement was never specific in the first place. Weasel words can be ... used in advertising and political statements to mislead or disguise a biased view. Weasel words can soften or under-state a biased or otherwise controversial statement. ") Ref: Wikipedia.

The extensive use of weasel words makes the draft report at best ambiguous and at worst duplicitous.

The draft report shows no detectable vision, indeed much of the report is merely a series of wish lists, many of which are by definition in conflict with each other.

If population growth of 75,500 can really enable us achieve sustainability, protect biodiversity, retain the character of our local areas, protect heritage and achieve climate resilience - this document certainly does not tell us how.

The report certainly lists and defines many noble concepts, however, it also leaves us to assume that something is planned, while no action plan is in fact articulated.

One example of weasel words is the reference to the "extensive" community consultation which has gone into the preparation of the reports.

Page 26 of the draft plan states that only 30 submissions and 58 pin drops (whatever that means) on the interactive map were received in respect to the draft Urban Spatial Plan.

Is this the consultation that Council has relied upon to inform the draft Local Strategic Planning Statement? An interesting definition of extensive.

In contrast, in 2015 thousands of community members in the former Gosford LGA expressed strong opinions and stood up against Gosford Council's planned sell-off of 25 local reserves, playgrounds and greenspaces.

After 15 months of campaigning, these much loved community assets were saved.

Yet this rejected idea is again not only proposed but is labelled a "transformative idea" on page 39 of the draft plan.

Likewise, the unique and spectacular Gosford Coastal Open Space System (COSS) which has massive support throughout the community is not even mentioned.

There is nothing in this draft report that shows Council has any understanding of the unique characteristics of the localities across the Central Coast or the community's aspirations for the future.

This draft should be withdrawn to allow for proper community consultation and engagement and a new draft in plain English presented for comment.

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