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Collapse Issue 503:<br />21 Sep 2020<br />_____________Issue 503:
21 Sep 2020
Collapse  NEWS NEWS
Wicks called to intervene in bridge dispute
Policy changed to allow burning at Patonga properties
Online and on-site voting for Diggers' board
Chickens hatch at Woy Woy
Woy Woy bingo resumes in Ettalong
Council to spend $7.5 million from contribution plans
He can remember the Harbour Bridge being built
Brigade offers online advice instead of open day
CWA branch receives grant for internet and television
Trolley loads of groceries donated to Mary Mac's Place
No firm date for water main project, despite 22 breaks
Over-55s village is almost finished
House demolition permitted
Changes approved for renovations at club
Proposal for three two-storey units
Application for granny flat display centre
Councillors achieve three years in office
House fire attended by 40 firefighters
CWA branch sells jams and pickles
Rotary hears about rainforest book
Rotary club makes workmanship award
Men's Shed annual meeting
Recognised with life membership
Library opening hours extended
Book fair postponed until restrictions are eased
Food and wine donated for fundraising raffle
Peninsula businesses named as awards finalists
Below average rainfall so far this month
Raising money while walking the streets
Support sought for funding application
Take your own trolley if you want to put your dog in it
Dog poo is a pollutant and health hazard
Use of bikes in parks is not black and white
Spend taxpayer and ratepayer money for all
Frustrated with trend to advertising litter?
Second aged care provider pays bonus shortfall
New resident moves in at 103
Aged care home reviews future in-person visits
Podcasts made for Women's Health Week
Collapse  ARTS ARTS
Arts Trail held on long weekend
Bouddi Foundation awards initial round of grants
Students discover flying fox skull
Student finishes in top five of national music competition
CWA branch sponsors student excursions and activities
Student reports on Girrakool and Bulgandry excursions
Yuki completes five-month leadership program
School photos taken individually
Scholarship available for Bays resident
Excursion to outdoor education camp
Umina surf club hold awards presentation online
Three finals played at Umina on 'Super Saturday'
Junior touch accepts registrations
'Come and try' water polo
Bicycle group holds 'coffee cruise' to Woy Woy
Netball results
Soccer results
Bridge club attendance halves

Student reports on Girrakool and Bulgandry excursions

Woy Woy Public School student Deizel Douglas has written about a Stage 2 excursion to aboriginal art sites at Girrakool and Bulgandry on Monday and Tuesday, August 24 and 25.

His account appeared in the school newsletter Namalata on Monday, September 14.

"We learnt about the traditional owners of the land," he said.

"We learnt about their engravings and the tools they used like boomerangs, spears, axes, leaves, grinding rocks and volcanic rocks to make axes.

"They use wattle leaves for soap and they use the soap to clean themselves before going hunting so the animals cannot smell them.

"They also use the soap for a poison to stun the fish so they can catch them and eat them." Deizel said the students walked to a waterfall.

"We sat quietly and heard a frog.

"We also saw a brush turkey."

He said the aborigines lived sustainably.

"This means that there is enough for everyone."

"The aborigines lived off the land, learnt how to make fire, eat bush tucker, make soap and do lots of things using the local environment."

If they could not get what they needed in their own environment, they would trade with other tribes, he said.

"Aboriginals were the first people to make bread over 40, 000 years ago, before the Egyptians did."

Deizel said: "I really enjoyed this excursion."

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