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Council response fails to address spread of pandemic

I agree with John Taylor about the appalling public toilet facilities on the Central Coast (Toilet Condition Appalling, Peninsula News, 30 Mar 2020).

I raised my concern with Central Coast Council (All council toilets should have hand cleaners, Peninsula News, 16 Mar 2020) and this is the response from Council:

"Thank you for your letter in relation to the public toilet facilities.

"Unfortunately, our public amenities experience considerable vandalism.

"Items such as hand dryers, soap dispensers and mirrors get smashed and pulled off the walls.

"As a general rule, soap dispensers are not installed in public toilets as soap is spilled on the floor and creates a slip hazard.

"As most public toilets are serviced only once a day, Council can't ensure that something like soap can be cleaned up before someone may slip."

This response fails to address the Covid-19 pandemic and community-to-community spread on the Central Coast.

What is Central Coast Council going to do to upgrade public toilet facilities?

Central Coast lives are at stake.

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