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Killy Cares activates community resilience plan

The Bouddi Peninsula's welfare charity Killy Cares has activated its Community Resilience Plan in response to government measures to inhibit the spread of coronavirus.

Killy Cares president Mr Stephen Hinks said the Bouddi community had rallied to volunteer assistance during the pandemic.

"When government announcements started in late March, Killy Cares was a hive of activity," he said.

"We put out a call for volunteers and began creating a list of people who might need the kind of help we offer, such as delivering meals, scripts, groceries and so on.

"Behind the scenes we have a growing list of people needing help, or just checking on occasionally, and we have a growing number of volunteers.

"Killy Cares is in this for the long haul as we anticipate more people will need help as the weeks and months unfold.

"We are a conduit for practical care and useful information in a difficult time and our website has some helpful links to information.

"I'm asking for help to develop a complete list of the valued elderly, infirm or vulnerable members of our community whom we could help, but we don't yet know about.

"If you live near someone or know of them, please contact us."

Mr Hinks said compiling this list was an important part of the Community Resilience Plan which was being established by the Rural Fire Service, Surf Life Saving Club, Wagstaffe-Killcare Community Association and Killy Cares, for times of emergency or disaster.

"Killy Cares is currently entrusted with an important role during Covid-19," Mr Hinks said.

"I also want to underline the importance of managing the emotional and mental health challenges of social isolation.

"There are many ways we can look after ourselves to stay mentally and physically active, such as indoor hobbies, walking outdoors, gardening, paying attention to something beautiful around you, listening to music or the radio, saying hello to people if you go out or phone a friend, and reminding yourself and others that this situation will pass."

Mr Hinks said human connectivity was vital at this time.

"Phone and check on someone, then someone else - often," he said.

Killy Cares is a registered, community charity which aims to provide support to those in the Bouddi community who are sick, disadvantaged, elderly or otherwise in need of special assistance which is not available from existing community or government services.

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