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Drainage, wharf and town centres get budget allocation

Everglades drainage work, Woy Woy Wharf and upgrades at Umina and Woy Woy town centres are highlights of funding allocated to the Peninsula in Central Coast Council's 2020-21 capital works program.

Other significant works are awaiting confirmation of external grant funding.

These include work at the Umina Skate Park and the Peninsula Leisure Centre, and buildings at Umina Oval, Lemon Grove netball courts and Rogers Park at Woy Woy.

Stage three of the Everglades catchment drainage upgrade at Umina Beach has been allocated $1,269,000 to go ahead during 2020-21.

Construction of stage two at Woy Woy Wharf redevelopment gets $1,730,000 as well as $25,000 to replace public toilets at Pelican Wharf.

Other wharves in the area will be replaced, with Woy Woy Bay allocated $395,000 and Little Wobby $405,000.

Improvements to Woy Woy town centre will include tree plantings ($183,000), picnic shelter, tables and seating ($70,000) and a public art installation ($30,000).

The library will be improved with $23,000 and carpet replacement at the Woy Woy Environment Centre has been allocated $9000.

At Umina town centre, public toilets will be replaced ($360,000) as well as allocations made for library renovations ($31,500), childcare centre upgrade ($18,000) and improvements at Australia Ave play space ($105,000).

Leisure and environment projects to receive funding include:

Replacement of auditorium seating at Peninsula Theatre ($90,000); improvements and roof replacement at Ettalong Senior Citizens Clubhouse ($31,500); seawall at Rip Rd Reserve, Blackwall ($112,522); environmental management at Pearl Beach Lagoon ($53,582); seawall reconstruction, Monastir Rd, Phegans Bay ($165,000); Mt Ettalong lookout upgrade ($48,224); footbridge replacement and Crommelin Native Arboretum Building, Pearl Beach ($22,500).

Sportsground improvements and lighting upgrade at James Browne Oval, Woy Woy, has been allocated $360,000 and, at Peninsula Leisure Centre, $273,000 will go towards cardio fitness equipment replacement $110,000 for improvements including flooring roof works, children's play areas, doors, ventilation and louvres.

Funding for roadworks includes: pedestrian refuge, Blackwall Rd, Woy Woy ($110,000);

intersection upgrade, Ocean Beach and Rawson Rds, Woy Woy ($2 million); road safety improvements, Woy Woy Rd, Woy Woy ($165,000); stage one intersection upgrade, kerb, footpath, pedestrian crossing, Hobart Ave and Melbourne Ave, Umina Beach ($405,000); road and drainage upgrade, Gem Rd, Pearl Beach ($420,000); road renewal Patonga Dr, Pearl Beach ($620,000); embankment stabilisation, Pearl Beach Dr, Pearl Beach ($115,000); road renewal, Hillcrest Rd, Empire Bay ($51,000); embankment stabilisation, Mount Ettalong Rd, Umina Beach ($75,000); escarpment stabilisation, Greenhaven Dr, Castle Circuit, Homan Close at Umina Beach ($214,328) and Carpenter St footpath, Umina Beach ($154,300).

Sewer and drainage projects include: sewer pump station renewal, Cowper Rd, Umina Beach ($740,000) and Mulhall St, Wagstaffe ($5000); sewer pump station renewal, Lagoon St Ettalong Beach ($5000) and upgrade Killcare Heights water pump station ($50,000).

Woy Woy tip will even get an upgrade with $117,000 allocated to refurbishment of buildings and $505,000 towards stormwater improvements and transfer area pavement.

Council has budgeted to invest $248.3 million on capital works in 2020-21 and it has $33.5 million in additional projects which are either awaiting external grant funding or are staged projects where funding will be released once the projects meet the set criteria to continue.

Peninsula projects awaiting confirmation of external funding include: $90,000 for investigations and design of an amenities building at Lemon Grove netball courts, Umina Beach; $990,000 for building upgrade at Etta Rd oval, Umina; $200,000 for investigations and design for building upgrade at Melbourne Ave oval, Umina; $5 million for Umina Skate Park; $2.8 million for Peninsula Leisure Centre improvements and $1.35 million for sportsground amenities building at Rogers Park, Woy Woy.

The draft Operational Plan 2020-21 is the third and final year of the three-year delivery program and in on public exhibition for submissions until April 27.

In placing the document on public exhibition, the council emphasised it was developed before the economic impacts of Covid-19 were realised.

"Council recognises that if the economy moves into recession there will be impacts on the Central Coast economy which will likely impact the revenue base and also place cost pressures on operations," the Plan states.

Council intends to consider the plan for adoption at a meeting in late June.

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