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Collapse Issue 491:<br />30 Mar 2020<br />_____________Issue 491:
30 Mar 2020
Collapse  NEWS NEWS
Beachgoer increase sees 52 rescues at Umina Beach
Fishing operators say they struggle to stay viable
Peninsula fuel 50 per cent higher with crude price drop
Early end to patrols, but beaches remain open
'Character statement' may be developed for Council ward
'Resilience plan writes itself' as needs arise
Rotary president returns to home confinement
New York trip turns to nightmare
Leisure centre and theatre close as council cuts services
Bays Fair won't be held until next year
Italian festival postponed
Rotary club cancels Opera in the Arboretum
Information on government website
Chamber joins in buy-local campaign
Wicks urges residents to remain calm
Council forecasts $32.5 million deficit before virus costs
Council elections postponed 12 months
Council to tender for after hours call service
The dire trend of planning approvals on the Peninsula
Toilet condition appalling
When the Peninsula relied on bore water
Offers to share toilet paper
Health District 'as prepared as humanly possible'
Public health service cancels non-urgent surgery
Private hospital offers surgery to 'relieve load'
Woy Woy Hospital changes visiting hours
Collapse  ARTS ARTS
Photographers and artists wanted by arboretum group
Art prize winners announced
Benefit concert postponed
Folk club cancels March concert
Theatre group reschedules plays to next year
College campuses transition to online learning
Teachers are designing activities for home learning
School adopts Batlow as 'bushfire buddy'
Schoolwork prepared for online learning
Students take part in photography workshop
Events cancelled, postponed and proceeding
Umina launches Learning at Home portal
School attendance drops to 15 per cent
School subscribes to online learning programs
Southern Spirit declared runners-up after washout
Women's sevens final played at Woy Woy
Netball association may face tough decisions
Woy Woy Lions activities postponed at least until May
Soccer players wait for news about season's future
Swans season deferred

Council forecasts $32.5 million deficit before virus costs

Central Coast Council has forecast a deficit of $32.5 million next financial year in its operational plan for 2020-21 but has recognised significant adjustments may need to be paid in the wake of the coronavirus.

It has budgeted for a 2.6 percent rate rise.

The draft operational plan - or budget - for next year was presented to the extraordinary council meeting on March 23 where it was explained that it was developed prior to the "realisation of the impacts" of the virus.

It proposed that Council would receive operational revenue of $551.6 million and spend $584.1 million on essential services.

The plan lists every project and initiative that council plans to deliver in the 12 months from July.

It also includes all fees and charges such as those for playing fields and community halls and childcare centres.

Staff had recommended that councillors vote to endorse the draft and put it out on public exhibition for residents to comment on.

Deputy mayor Cr Jane Smith added three amendments to recognise the impacts of the coronavirus.

"Staff are going to need to look at what those potential impacts are going to be on the situation next year and recognising that we may have to make some significant adjustments to our operational plan when it comes back to us," Cr Smith said.

"I think it's important to flag that with the community - that we put this out on exhibition, (and) in four weeks' time when it comes back to us we will have a clearer picture of what next year might look like."

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