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13 Dec 2021
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Regional plan unclear on intentions for the Peninsula
Workshop about planning on the Peninsula discussed
Residents' group calls for 'healthy' ambulance station
Woy Woy power cut by 'overhead line damage'
Blackwall Rd session held with one day's notice
Rubbish removed from Woy Woy Bays area
Annual Christmas lights to raise money for charity
Joice Tee celebrates 102nd birthday at her home
Meeting at arboretum discusses koala relocation
Lions Club car boot sale resumes
Final CWA market for the year
Council proposes 10-year leases of community facilities
Council media release praises Morrison government
Umina Rotary presents awards to two members
Great day at Christmas Fair
Marine Rescue wins grant for remote-controlled lifebuoy
Men's Shed holds annual sale
Men's shed elects new committee
Peter Swain leads Remembrance Day service
Competition raises $2000 for hall upgrade
Low rate of disability employment, Tesch tells unions
Water quality declines according to 'report card'
December market cancelled
Deluge brings majority of monthly rainfall
Local lifestyle promoted in draft regional plan
Planning needs to reflect other council policies - GUST
Panel decision expected on Alfred St proposal
Semi-basement parking proposed for dual occupancy
Planning Panel to review Jedaclew proposal for Ettalong
Three units proposed for $1.2 million development
Webb Rd application quotes from Gallipoli Ave approval
Vales Point affects our health
The community needs to find a new strategy
Exclusion is still commonplace for people with disability
Council not answering questions of project justification
Successful stall
Governments have failed to address disability - Tesch
Village residents play 'elf on the shelf'
Peninsula records first coronavirus case in five weeks
Free group exercise program for women
Collapse  ARTS ARTS
Bays group confirms art show dates
Phegans Bay artists win Bouddi Foundation awards
Christmas party and concert for Troubadour
Five free Peninsula events in Coastal Twist festival
Year 12 students offered 'early entry'
Photos taken at presentation days for parents
Gingerbread office
Learning about leaf insects and hermit crabs
Last session for next year's kindergarten
Reading in Challenge for four years
Staff win annual sports competition with students
Living the Dream!
Lesley Swales wins bowls official of the year award
Bridge club results
Netball games and grading convenor wanted
Southern Spirit cricket results
Junior ironperson round held at Umina
Junior Lifesaver representatives chosen
Awards presented at President and Officers' Day
Seagull Nippers start fifth season
Simo returns
Award for Di Barrymore
Peninsula Ducks softball results
Umina Bunnies hold presentation day
New office bearers at bowling club



Council not answering questions of project justification

I have been asking Council to justify and explain their actions regarding the Esplanade Shared Zone project since June this year.

Council staff have been delaying, denying, avoiding and obfuscating in responding to my repeated follow-ups.

The bottom line is that Council has refused to answer the questions of whether they had sufficient justification for the project and whether they followed proper process in developing, approving and managing the project - and spending public money in the doing.

The Administrator advised me on August 31 that a response from CEO would be forthcoming.

It still has not come forth, despite repeated hasteners.

I requested on October 1 that the Council internal ombudsman re-investigate a complaint against the director of infrastructure.

I have yet to receive an answer, despite hastening.

The Administrator met with me on-site on December 8 to see and hear and see my perspective on both the shared zone as well as on other nearby examples of Council maladministration and mismanagement that have been highlighted during the process.

I have yet to receive a response to the list which I provided to the Administrator at the close of our meeting.

During the process, Parliamentary Secretary Mr Adam Crouch referred my representation to him on the matter back to the Council and has taken no further interest in the matter.

I am awaiting a response from Member for Gosford Ms Liesl Tesch to my latest email to her to find whether she is going to proceed with any follow-up to her expression of interest in the matter.

The matter I raise is of failure of governance.

The Central Coast Council has failed to demonstrate that it followed due process and procedure in obtaining money from NSW government to undertake a project that has insufficient justification, which is not beneficial to the majority of the community and which is wasteful of state and local government money.

In so doing, it is failing to provide open and transparent local government services and is being dishonest.

This situation is indicative of the way in which this local council is continuing to operate following on from its disastrous performance that led to its current status under Administration and is not being held to account for its continuing failures.

My additional question now is why residents and ratepayers continue to have to accept the dual penalties of deficient provision of services as well as increased charges and costs from this unrepresentative and unacceptably inadequate Council?

I now ask the Administrator of Council to either answer my questions and provide evidence to support his answers or admit that Council got it wrong and outline his plan for addressing and accounting for this failure.

I ask the Parliamentary Secretary for Central Coast to make the NSW government aware of the need for it to intervene to ensure that the Central Coast community receives the provision of infrastructure, facility and services to which it is entitled - without further penalty for Council's continuing failure.

I ask the Member for Gosford to engage the Opposition to hold the NSW Government to account for its failure in overseeing operations of the Central Coast Council.

I ask editors to satisfy the public's right to know by publishing an expose of the ongoing mismanagement, maladministration and failure of governance of both Council and NSW Office of Local Government.

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