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Collapse Issue 529:<br />11 Oct 2021<br />_____________Issue 529:
11 Oct 2021
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Covid case numbers skyrocket with low vaccination rate
Wharf use delayed for ribbon-cutting photo, says Tesch
Vacancies at arboretum's bee hotel
Xenos, the 'ignitable liquid detection canine', helps out
Residents' association is incorporated
Vaccine numbers revised down, no jabs for a week?
Aboriginal health service holds first Umina vaccinations
Historic ferry soon to return to service
Seal colony visits Brisbane Water
Rotary club collects men's and women's products
Tree group encourages verge planting in 'fish streets'
Council tree planting used as shade tree example
Asset protection zone mapped
Outdated phones and laptops wanted
Holiday program held online
Talking like a pirate
Historical sites sought for plaques program
Seed library starts at community garden
Activity bags made for Coast Shelter in record time
'Full house' online at Ettalong Toastmasters
Berejiklian departure is 'loss of talent', says Tesch
Umina and Woy Woy markets to return in December
September rainfall total down by a quarter
Pearl Beach group claims planning provisions 'ignored'
New proposal for five units in South St
Six two-storey units proposed for Booker Bay
Thanks for the vaccination calculations
Glasgow conference is important to the Peninsula
Highrise foreshore development has me worried
Aged care visitors must be fully-vaccinated
Hospital seeks nursing graduates
Aged care home promotes its French chef
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Craft centre awaits further easing of restrictions
Students become pen pals of nursing home residents
Year 12 students may access school from next week
Revised access plan for Ettalong school
Kindergarten information
Making recycled paper
Kindergarten enrolments at Woy Woy South
Bowls resumes at Umina Beach
Tribute paid to club patron and 'legend'
Shipping container sought while clubhouse is rebuilt
Netball association announces annual meeting date

Seal colony visits Brisbane Water

A colony of about 27 seals in Pittwater is increasingly visiting Brisbane Water and other parts of the Central Coast.

Local surfers at The Box have reported the pleasure of surfing with a number of seals on various occasions over the past few months, said Member for Gosford Ms Liesl Tesch.

Ms Tesch has also had the pleasure to witnessing seals on two occasions while kayaking on Brisbane Water during lockdown.

"The first time was a real shock as I had no idea we had a local seal colony," she said.

"I watched the seal frolicking amongst seabirds and diving for tailor, re-emerging while devouring a fish and then diving again" said Ms Tesch.

"The second time I was very lucky to see one gliding on her side with one flipper reaching right out of the water as if she was just floating with the current.

"It was certainly a great start to the morning witnessing the majesty of these gorgeous creatures."

Organisation for the Rescue and Research of Cetaceans in Australia vice-president Ms Jools Farell said that the migration of seals and whales usually coincide, with this time of year often the best to witness such animals out and about.

"The impact of the current lockdown has certainly been beneficial I must say in reducing noise pollution and allowing these animals to venture about with less interruptions."

Ms Farell said the seal with the flipper out of the water was most likely "thermo-regulating", floating on its side to control its body temperature.

"We get a lot of calls from people mistaking the seals as being injured or tangled in netting when they do this.

"Thankfully it is often not the case, and we love any opportunity to educate the public on our marine neighbours, and the importance of maintaining the required 40 metre distance from these animals both for our safety and theirs."

Ms Tesch commended the efforts of this group of volunteers as a fundamental part of ensuring our pristine waters remain full of life.

ORRCA operates a 24/7 rescue hotline on 9415 3333.

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