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Collapse Issue 518:<br />3 May 2021<br />_____________Issue 518:
3 May 2021
Collapse  NEWS NEWS
Council plans to sell Peninsula land
Tesch speaks against carpark sale
GUST welcomes consultation on park sale plans
Council budgets $13 million for the Peninsula
Government announces public inquiry into council
NSW Opposition calls for 'broad inquiry' into council
Council inquiry terms of reference released
Vietnam Vets join impromptu march to memorial
Local Member at Anzac ceremonies
Biscuit theme for Anzac Day
Search and rescue training for the Bays brigade
More bike storage needed at station, says Tesch
Bike paths should 'go all the way', says user group
Safety needed to walk or cycle to school, says Tesch
Bingo at Ettalong on Wednesdays
Umina CWA wins cookery trophy
CWA branch makes bereavement bags
Storm debris clean-up continues
Dunes planted with 2000 new plants
Guides hear of importance of speaking up
Lions accept entries for tea cosy show
Second driest April in 16 years
Application to modify three-storey Blackwall Rd plan
Two more townhouse proposals for Warrah St
Council sets strategic planning priorities
Panel appointments extended
Invalid application
Memorial Ave land provides significant habitat
Trees and cool open space are of more public benefit
Outrageous that local park sale is on agenda again
Contentment of ad hoc Anzac march
Leave wooded block intact for a hotter future
Bush parkland was reason for buying in Blackwall
'Improved planning outcome' test may still be subjective
Democracy should never be put on hold
Distress at sale of land and other council assets
Sell-off should be paused for much deeper inquiry
Aged care providers jointly call for government action
Collapse  ARTS ARTS
Folk club holds house concert
Patchwork group completes many projects
Variety Night performances to be held over two nights
School opens gates to parents for student pick-up
Annabelle wins four Australia athletics medals
Students congratulated on Anzac speeches
Catafalque party at Anzac assembly
Geography students study coastal processes
Secondary students investigate global warming
Umina starts enrolments for next year's kindergarten
Life membership for former childcare employee
Shadow Minister meets parents' groups
Ettalong Eagles firsts lead in pennant season
Umina pennant bowls results
Boxing starts again at PCYC
Bridge club holds special events
Bridge lessons for beginners
Diggers' Day at bowls clubs
Netball draw updated
Softball club to hold annual meeting
Goalkeeper training starts for Umina United
Coaches wanted for junior touch
The Lakes proved too strong for the Lions
Defeated in all grades
Netball association splits Junior Blue grade
Trial game at Woy Woy
Bowling clubs to vote on unification proposal


Bike paths should 'go all the way', says user group

The Central Coast Bicycle Users Group has called on Central Coast Council to ensure bicycle paths on the Peninsula go "all the way to useful destinations".

Group president Mr Alan Corven said the Peninsula was luckier than some area in having some paths and on-road lanes.

"However, these tend to be more suitable for recreation rather than for transport as they stop short of taking you all the way to useful destinations and are not always using the most direct route."

Mr Corven said he would like to see paths going all the way to Woy Woy station and into shopping centres.

Commenting on the Blackwall Rd intersection upgrade plans, Mr Corven said that more and faster roads did not result in better outcomes.

"It just facilitates more cars on the roads and moving the bottlenecks to another place further on.

"We need to be encouraging more people out of their cars and onto their feet, bicycles or buses.

"Slowing motor vehicle traffic is very important for pedestrian and bicycle rider safety.

"It is disappointing when new infrastructure does not adequately provide for bicycles and pedestrians, or doesn't provide anything at all."

Mr Corven gave the example of the new roundabout at the corner of Maitland Bay Dr and Picnic Pde.

"It has bicycle treatment on one side and nothing on the other.

"Roundabouts can be very tricky for inexperienced bicycle riders to navigate, often exposing them to additional risks.

"New infrastructure is the perfect opportunity, and cheapest time, to include such requirements."

Mr Corven also said more green space was needed on the Peninsula.

"For many reasons, we need more green spaces and trees: to help tackle climate change and provide cooler places for people to rest and pass through, walking and cycling.

"As more properties are redeveloped to higher density, we need more small local green spaces for those people to enjoy.

"Better to sell existing developed land for redevelopment (low to higher density) rather than selling green spaces."

Mr Corven said better maintenance of existing infrastructure was needed, as well as some new routes.

"A shared bicycle path should be investigated west of Ocean Beach Rd from Umina to Woy Woy - maybe using the old dunny lanes."

He said the group had put in a submission for the DCP/LEP to include a requirement for change and shower facilities in all new workplace developments.

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