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24 Aug 2020
Council budgets $26 million for Peninsula projects
Council approves $1.7 million of roadworks
Sewer and water projects to cost $670,000
Council announces start to wharf construction
Council to spend $300,000 on Woy Woy town centre
Dune stabilisation to cost $200,000
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Bays meeting fills all committee positions
Peninsula contribution plans now on council website
Lane between surf clubs to be primarily for pedestrians
Body found in search for missing man
Vietnam Veterans' Day commemorated at Ettalong
Group to start community garden
Four crews and helicopter attend Woy Woy Rd accident
Draft policy states principles for selling Council land
Woy Woy is graffiti hotspot, draft council strategy claims
Erosion threat for Pearl Beach homes, says consultant
Councillor meeting attendance to be reported
Registered clubs refuse entry to people from hotspots
Opera in the Arboretum not to be held for 18 months
Groups cancel Pearl Beach events
Card prepared as reminder of petrol pricing promise
Shark net kills 115 sharks, as well as turtles and fish
New tanker for the Bays fire brigade
Bin hazard on Daley Ave
Voluntary non-profit business donates to charity
Community association hears president's report
Upgrade for Greenfield Rd
Month's rain falls in nine days
Top contender for weasel words and silly jargon award
A small but important initiative
Bayview Cr needs an upgrade
Nursing home changes should not have been needed
Will the disabled access be fixed?
Comments on three current news items
Cr Marquart's excuse is not good enough
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Little Theatre postpones three productions
Parliamentary recognition of hand-washing experiment
Woy Woy school invited onto State early learning team
From sounds and shapes to art and history
Students raise $3000 through readathon
Public education awards presented at Ettalong
Weekly anti-bullying lessons at Pretty Beach
College prepares for student transition to Woy Woy
Athletics carnival held at Adcock Park
Umina school has second round of surveys
Kindergarten enrolments sought
Pretty Beach team participates in online debate
Support staff praised by school principal
Surf club seeks material for its 100th anniversary
Lions defeated in all grades
Minor Singles quarter finals
Netball results
Soccer results

Draft policy states principles for selling Council land

A draft Land Transaction Policy that would determine the principles applying to the sale of Council land is open for public comment until September 11.

The policy would apply where Central Coast Council sells road reserves.

This has occurred on the Peninsula with the sale of a road reserve to Umina aged care provider Peninsula Village.

It has also been requested for the development of Umina Mall shopping centre in Ocean Beach Rd.

It would also be the process ultimately followed if the Peninsula's pocket parks were to be sold, although a statement accompanying the draft is at pains to dissociate the policy from the prospect.

"The process to sell Council owned land is very complicated and is something that is only considered after many checks and balances have been undertaken.

"Firstly, only operational land can be sold, so community parks and facilities (community land) can't be sold unless the land can be reclassified.

"Any reclassification requires thorough community consultation as well as State Government approval - and Council would need to demonstrate that the reclassification would not reduce the community's access to open space or recreational land.

"All these decisions require resolution at Council's meeting, which requires the elected Councillor's support."

The draft policy states: "Land sales should normally occur through a competitive open market process (for instance: expressions of interest, auction, or private treaty undertaken by an estate agent).

"Exceptions may occur only in special circumstances, such as sales to adjoining landowners of small lots that are not developable as stand-alone lots or that have little use or commercial appeal to the wider market, or where a competitive process is not appropriate or practical in the circumstances.

"Any proposal to sell land other than by a competitive open market process must be authorised by a Council resolution.

"All land which Council proposes to acquire or sell requires thorough investigation through a due diligence process, ensuring a net tangible benefit to Council or the public.

"As a minimum, this process must include: preparing a business case or land transaction plan; assessing the strategic value of the land having regard to need, the geographic context, environmental values and applicable strategic plans; assessing opportunities to capture uplift in the land through value adding proposals if applicable; inspecting Council records relating to the land; carrying out appropriate site investigations; and for land owned by Council, confirming the land classification and the historical details of the acquisition."

The draft policy states that "a valuation must be obtained for acquisitions, sales, land swaps, or easements by an independent registered valuer who is suitably qualified in the asset type and locality".

However, it does allow staff to do the valuation in some circumstances.

"An assessment of the value of land or easements may be undertaken by Council staff if the land or easement is of low strategic or financial value, or a valuation has been recently undertaken and Council staff can confirm the validity of the previous valuation."

As well as sales, the draft policy also applies to and has provisions for acquisitions, the creation of easements or restrictions over Council's land, land swaps, dedications and donations of land, for transfer or vesting of land in Council by government agencies.

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