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Collapse Issue 500:<br />10 Aug 2020<br />_____________Issue 500:
10 Aug 2020
Collapse  500TH ISSUE 500TH ISSUE
Started as a voluntary non-profit community service
What is news on the Peninsula?
The idea for Peninsula News
Who would have thought ... ?
Peninsula News may not have started without Cec
Justin has worked with Peninsula News for 16 years
The editor shares some thoughts
Collapse  NEWS NEWS
Comment sought on Umina intersection upgrade plans
Ground water treatment starts again
Rotary club celebrates 70 years in Woy Woy
Councillor explains his absence from three meetings
Aged care home stays in a state of isolation
Pedestrian crossing petition attracts 500 signatures
Tree Day sees 100 plantings at The Runway Park
Cycling group welcomes increase in people cycling
Police investigate tyre spikes on national park trail
Parking plan re-opened for public comment
Planning decisions now allowed without public scrutiny
Councillors keep pay rise
Rotary club accepts two new members
Ettalong Red Carpet Day is postponed
Energy bill advice offered by phone
Work starts on James Browne oval improvements
Empire Bay playground officially opened
Tesch thanks church food pantry
Wet week pushes total well above average
New cafe
Payrise for $20 million debt per year
Time that council demonstrated their vision
Will Council buy some paint, or prosecute me?
What we always wanted - graphics, colours, words
Provider pays bonus to all aged care staff
Group meditation sessions return to Ocean Beach
Collapse  ARTS ARTS
Home video competition
Coastal Twist festival is cancelled for this year
Rare artefacts found at Woy Woy Public School
Umina Eagles soccer results
Everglades major pairs
Netball results
Nippers to resume at Killcare
Lions come from behind to beat Kariong
Southern and Ettalong soccer results

What is news on the Peninsula?

Peninsula News focuses on reporting the decisions being made that will affect the lives of our readers on the Peninsula, and the local activities they can be part of.

We report what is happening locally and what is planned to happen.

Plans and proceedings of council, as they affect the Peninsula, feature strongly in the newspaper for this reason.

Peninsula News attempts to remain neutral but relevant. It aims to reflect the diversity and commonality of the interests and issues of the readers who form the Peninsula community, allowing readers to draw their own conclusions.

Peninsula News aims to provide information and news that is comprehensive, readable and accurate, and is likely to encourage informed and reasoned discussion and local decision-making.

As far as possible, we aim to give local groups the opportunity to tell the news in their own words, with many articles being predominantly direct quotes from material supplied.

This is moderated by the need to keep items readable and relevant. In editing an article, we may re-order the content so that it starts with what seems most interesting, or cut parts to avoid repetition or irrelevance, or simplify sentences to convey the meaning more effectively.

Part of our role is to provide the opportunity for the community to hold its democratic representatives to account.

As far as possible, we try to serve the interests of the readers and remain independent of pressures from those interests, such as advertisers and authorities, who would prefer us to endorse their activities and decisions.

To keep faith with our readers, we attempt to be as transparent as possible about where and who our news items come from.

A community is ultimately defined by the relationships between its members. We believe that, for a healthy community, it is important to identify who is making the statements published in the newspaper, and that they do not hide behind anonymity.

In producing Peninsula News, we like to apply a version of the Rotary organisation's four-way test:

Is it the truth?

Is it fair to all concerned?

Will it build goodwill and better relationships?

Will it be beneficial to the community?

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