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16 Mar 2020
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Call for lifeguards at Pearl Beach
Wrong picture
Church sells for $1.43 million
$12 million aged care upgrade planned
Wellington pays second visit
Open forum with local councillors
Tesch asks RMS for more time for resident engagement
Flooding and capacity limits highlighted in plan feedback
Environmental projects receive almost $175,000
Volunteers sought to restore park into nature reserve
Plans for six three-storey townhouses
Council seeks insights about leisure centre and theatre
Upgrades for Woy Woy Rd
Council gives 20 per cent weighting for local business
Council financial statements show breach of Act
Association plans hall upgrade
Volunteer sought to co-ordinate Anzac service
Buddies Club forms in Pearl Beach
CWA flag stolen again
Save Our Coast holds celebratory gathering
Events for residents over long weekend
Association has several things on agenda
CWA seeks bedding donations for bushfire relief
Bridge club hosts teacher training program
Next president named
Recycled products at children's market
Film screening by Eco Network
Happy without the noisy intrusion
Fire actions needed immediately
Everyone is entitled to solar access
Ocean Beach Rd intersection already too busy
Return machine needed next door to Liesl Tesch's home
Looked after while I was ill
Many causes for potholes
Times have changed
All council toilets should have hand cleaners
Suitable trees under powerlines are a good idea
Comfort cushions made for cancer care unit
Computer games and puzzles for the elderly
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Italian festival in Ettalong in April
Concert to raise money for ballerina's schooling
Concert for bushfire and flood victims
Two acts for folk club concert
Tesch launches petition to save Gosford TAFE
Precautions in preparation for maintenance work
Aboriginal Welcome Barbecue at Umina
Books donated to children overseas
Southern Spirit women win place in grand final
Ducks softball players win their way to finals
Umina comes 10th in surf life saving championships
Golfers win their way to national finals
Life savers chosen as leading women
Goodman retains unbeaten fight record
Surf clubs win medals in age championships
Umina wins medals in Masters championships
Annabelle wins medals in athletics championships
Open Fours finals played
Margaret crowned district singles champion
Boxers defeated in Olympic qualifier

Many causes for potholes

Laurie Powell is only partly right about lack of camber being the cause of potholes (Forum edition 489).

It is easy to see on the Peninsula that there are many roads, with adequate camber, that still have potholes, so lack of camber cannot be a main factor.

On any road, it is the road base that actually carries the traffic load: the bitumen seal is only a coating over the road base, and its main function is to eliminate dust and provide a smooth running surface.

However, where there is no side drainage, run-off forms large pools, regardless of the amount of camber, and water can penetrate into this road base.

If the wrong base has been used, or if the base has not been properly compacted, or if the base drainage is inadequate, the road base can move.

Bitumen has no tensile strength, so any movement in the base will cause cracking, and water will then enter through the cracks, causing more movement and opening up a pothole.

Since the problem is in the base, filling the hole with bitumen can only be a stop-gap measure, but, if there is systematic immediate repair of potholes to a proper standard, unlike the situation in Central Coast, the road can still be maintained economically over an acceptable lifetime.

Of course, poor drainage is not the only reason for deterioration of the surface.

Over time, bitumen can be perished by the sun's rays, particularly in countries with severe climates like Australia's.

Also, the bond can be damaged by impact forces: the rolling motion of tyres, particularly on heavy vehicles, puts a longitudinal stress on the road surfacing, creating a rippled profile that is easily cracked.

Anyone old enough to have driven on unsealed roads will remember the typical corrugated surface caused by this repetitive movement.

It is an interesting fact that lack of a long-life, low-cost, low-maintenance road surface is one of the great engineering failures of our time.

We can put a man on the moon, but we cannot drive to the supermarket on a trouble-free road.

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