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Collapse Issue 484 - 09 Dec 2019Issue 484 - 09 Dec 2019
Collapse  NEWS NEWS
Groups come together for Bouddi emergency plan
Study about relocating koalas to Pearl Beach
Tree group wins regional environmental award
Furniture truck believed to have cause power cut
Community hall to receive $66,000 upgrade
Clifford St villa development approved
Umina CWA delivers presents to Blayney women
Bouddi Bushcare wins State prize
Stolen elf needed for Christmas fund-raiser
Hawke Head Dr is finally sealed
Workshop about keeping chickens
Roadworks to be completed over next five years
Amalgamation report adopted without debate
Tip receives 'unlimited' e-waste
Councillors to have nine-week break
Council services limited over Christmas period
Council still to receive final quarter figures
Marquart calls climate action councillors 'hypocritical'
Free children's activities
Annual handbag donation
Rotary clubs hold first joint meeting
Rotarians witness expansion Uganda program
Local Member holds youth forum
Free kayaking tours
Tesch experiences Dunecare voluntary work
Pharmacist describes industry changes
Santa pictures with a Umina flavour
Business Concierge service piloted in Woy Woy
Gift drive for Coast Shelter
Pet store mounts drought relief collection for Christmas
Annual wishing tree appeal
Uniting Church holds early Christmas service
History book still available
Welcoming to non-heterosexuals
Explanation needed for boatshed demolition
Expensive roundabout will cause delays
What is parking space shortfall across the Peninsula?
Thanks for making a difference
Councillors should roll up their sleeves and make it work
Teachers check in on new hospital employee
Chicken eggs hatch at Woy Woy village
Photos used to facilitate communication
Lunch supported by disability services provider
Collapse   ARTS ARTS
Tributes paid following death of John Hickey
Collapse  ARTS ARTS
Two locals win Bouddi Foundation awards
Troubadour ends year with Hawaiian theme party
Artists take reins of annual Killcare art show
Artist raises money for eye care
Campus offers beach volleyball as a sport
Plaque honours memory of school rooster
Hair accessories to match school uniform
Students create ceramics garden
School launches dance program
Weather shed transformed by indigenous mural
Schools vie for Christmas tree award
Men's champion goes on to win district title
Paul is Masters Athlete of the Year
Pool visits top 491,000 a year
Rugby club pays visit to Tongan college
Southern Spirit women defeat Warnervale Whites
Surf club members named for interbranch team
Umina Eagles women hope to contest Premier League

Hawke Head Dr is finally sealed

Central Coast Council has finally sealed Hawke Head Dr, Hardys Bay, after "many years" of campaigning by local residents..

Ms Cate Cotterell said their house was constantly covered by fine dust and they have been concerned about the possible health hazard.

"We, and other residents, have been in frequent contact over many years with Council to get this problem addressed and we've also had support for the campaign from local groups such as the Wagstaffe-Killcare Community Association and the Hardys Bay Club," she said.

"There is a surprising amount of traffic on the road, and it's not just, or even mainly, residents who use it - the road gets a lot of use, especially at weekends and in summer.

"It is the only road into Bouddi National Park, with access to Box Head, Tallow Beach and the popular Flannel Flower walking track to Wagstaffe.

"The speed of vehicles using the road was a constant worry as its surface was often in bad condition and there is a steep drop on one side," Ms Cotterell said.

Another resident, Mr James Balfour, said the unsealed surface seemed to be taken as a challenge by some drivers.

"Utes especially often roared up the road and around the blind corners and it's lucky no one has been hurt over the years," he said.

"The damage caused by the heavy traffic meant that Council frequently had to send a crew and equipment to grade the road but this was only ever a temporary solution.

Both the Cotterells were members of the Killcare Rural Fire Brigade and they said that the grading used to cover over the fire hydrants.

"In an emergency we would have to locate them and dig them out," Mr Lyn Cotterell said.

"The newly sealed surface includes well marked hydrants so we can respond more quickly in an emergency.

"Another problem with the old road surface was that it got washed out in heavy rains

"The new work includes the construction of large gutters and several culverts to take the stormwater to the downhill side of the road."

Mr Balfour said: "We are delighted that residents and visitors have a safer and cleaner road."

He said the community was now hoping they could persuade Council's garbage contractor to provide a garbage collection service at their driveways.

"This would save us from having to drag our bins several hundred metres to the nearest road junction at Nukara Ave," Mr Balfour said.

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