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Collapse Issue 418 - 01 May 2017Issue 418 - 01 May 2017
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Peninsula exhibitors win at Royal Easter Show
Flying fox colony established near the Everglades
Sandstone steps to be installed on coastal walk
Free morning activities
Fox bait warning
New president for community group
Rotary presents Opera proceeds
Council website lists 60 Peninsula projects
Council waits for details while Woy Woy channel silts up
Rotary provides early morning tea and biscuits
Medals reunited with family
Association life member dies
Volunteer lifesavers carry out double rescue
Application for adult shop in Woy Woy
Beach erosion and shoaling addressed at Patonga
Identified for temporary protection
Council adopts coastal management plan
Roads to be included in council condition assessment
Townhouses proposed for Ettalong
Ridge walk is featured
Comment wanted on planning notice changes
Independent members appointed
Council webcast to continue
Dry month after a wet start
NBN so poor telephone connections are lost
Sewerage and water is overpriced
Another tree goes with a developer-friendly decision
Dawn service special at Patonga
Wrong colour
We deserve our fair share
Where is the evidence for sustainability?
Is letterhead next in displacement operetta?
Coast Shelter starts awareness campaign
Rotary club back campaign for palliative care facility
Retirement village commemorates Anzac Day
School to celebrate Star Wars Day
Suiting up for science at Empire Bay
Pacific Island group performs
Dance group selected
Easter hat parade
Students and staff attend Anzac march
Students join veterans
Students in Anzac ceremony
Naplan advice at Ettalong
New teacher at Woy Woy South
Coach is confident of successful season
Woy Woy players selected for Barcelona tour
Silver medals for aquatic rescue

Council website lists 60 Peninsula projects

More than 60 council roads and drains projects have been or will be undertaken on the Peninsula this financial year, according to a new Central Coast Council website.

The website shows 30 projects already completed in the 2016-17 financial year on the Woy Woy Peninsula.

Another 22 were earmarked as having commenced and a further 10 were scheduled to take place in the current financial year.

Projects listed as completed included the installation of closed circuit television, including camera upgrades within the Woy Woy CBD.

Completed projects included the parking bay at the Bays Community Hall on Woy Woy Bay Rd; drainage improvements in Raymond Rd and Phegans Bay Rd, Phegans Bay; and road reconstruction including realignment, kerb and gutter and a pedestrian refuge at the intersection of Woy Woy Rd and Banyo Cl at Horsfield Bay.

A median strip was constructed in July at the rail underpass in Shoalhaven Dr.

Another Woy Woy project listed as completed was footpath construction on Victoria Rd between Blackwall Rd and Park Rd which was commenced in August 2016 and completed within three weeks.

A school access project for the entry of Woy Woy Public School had also been completed in the current financial year.

It consisted of footpath construction on Park Rd from Burge Rd to the access into Woy Woy Public School.

Bus stop improvements were completed in Burge Rd, having commenced in September 2016.

Traffic "improvements" at Woy Woy South Public School included the upgrade of a children's crossing in Waterloo Ave outside the school in February.

During December 2016, the council carried out minor patching on Cogra Rd, Woy Woy, between Dunban and Walford St and then between Walford St and Rawson Rd.

The patching was followed by the resurfacing of the road, which was completed in two weeks.

The website listed reconstruction and resurfacing of Ocean Beach Rd from number 227 towards Kathleen St, Woy Woy, during January and February.

Footpath construction was completed along McMasters Rd between Welcome St and Blackwall Rd over 12 weeks from October.

A 35 metre section of Shoalhaven Dr was reconstructed and resurfaced, north of Veron Rd during October.

Orange Grove Rd was also reconstructed and resurfaced from Blackwall Rd to Koonora Ave in December and February.

Other roads that were patched, reconstructed or resurfaced were Carpenter St and Springwood St, Umina;

Tactile markers were installed at four sites along Ocean View Rd at Ettalong over nine weeks from September.

A pedestrian refuge was installed in Wellington St at the intersection of Ocean Beach Rd, Umina, in December.

In January, roadworks were completed on Patonga Dr, Patonga, south of the Warrah Trig track, which included non-skid pavement and signage.

The interactive map also provides information about drain maintenance.

Drainage work was completed at the eastern end of Bowden Rd in Woy Woy, having commenced in March. They took five weeks to finalise.

The council undertook silt removal from the drain over 11 weeks from September.

Drainage works, including provision of infiltration pits, were also finalised in November at Pacific Ave, Uligandi St and Ridge St, Ettalong, and at The Esplanade, Umina.

A tree was removed at The Rampart Umina in August.

Projects currently underway on the Woy Woy Peninsula but not yet completed included: minor patching followed by resurfacing of Sonter Ave in Woy Woy from Brick Wharf Rd to the cul-de-sac; Daffodil Dr, Woy Woy; Melba Road from Edward St to Victoria Rd; Green St from Rawson Rd to Melba Rd; Everglades Crescent from house 44 to Hillview St; Watkin Ave west from Onslow Ave, Woy Woy.

Road pavement works commenced in Umina but not yet completed included Winifred Ave from Springwood St to Trafalgar Ave and then on to Ocean Beach Rd; and Lone Pine Avenue between Haynes Ave and Ocean Beach Rd.

Due to wet weather the resurfacing of the roads had to be rescheduled to April but is on track for completion by July, according to the website.

A section of West St, Umina, from shop 252 to Springwood St, has been reconstructed and resurfaced.

Failed kerb and gutter was replaced in March.

Minor patching as a precursor to resurfacing also commenced in January along South St, Umina, from The Esplanade to West St, but the resurfacing was delayed due to wet weather.

In February, Council started a new footpath on Ocean Beach Rd, south of West St, Umina.

Street drainage, kerb and gutter, and footpath work was completed in Murray St, Booker Bay in February Council.

In March, reconstruction of the existing road pavement continued in preparation for resurfacing.

Telopea St in Booker Bay has also received minor patching to be followed by resurfacing which has been delayed due to wet weather.

Resurfacing is also listed for Wilks Ave, Bena Rd, Stella Rd and Onthonna Tce, Umina.

Road reconstruction including drainage, kerb and gutter, footpath and road pavement was also commenced in February for Mt Ettalong Rd.

Road work is expected to start in George St, Blackwall Rd and Kathleen St, Woy Woy, before the end of the financial year.

In Umina, scheduled road works include Ryans Rd at the intersection of Ocean Beach Rd and Lone Pine Ave.

Two projects that had not yet commenced in Ettalong were safety improvements including a new deck and floating pontoon at Ferry Rd Wharf; and road safety improvements including street drainage, kerb, gutter, pavement and footpath at Davis St in Booker Bay.

A flood levee wall was also listed to be constructed in Emerald Ave, Pearl Beach, over nine weeks from May.


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