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20 Jan 2020
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Umina power blackout on 43 degree day
Council approves plans for IOOF housing site
Australia Day celebrations to be held at Woy Woy
'Business as usual' despite factory fire
'We're not guilty,' says aged care provider
Busy day for Marine Rescue
Ettalong to get a spruce-up
Fire at Woy Woy tip took 90 minutes to locate
Call for more council funding for free open-air film nights
New proposal submitted for six-storey development
Hardware store proposal criticised by neighbours
Woy Woy CWA donates to Disaster Relief
Free emergency accommodation offered
Ministers' association holds prayers for bushfire victims
CWA branch delivers donations to South Coast
Community raises $14,000 for Pearl Beach fire brigade
Sewing bee to help injured wildlife
Arboretum receives second $20,000 grant
Group plans to plant 100 trees
New community garden in Umina
Talk about tree hollows as habitat
First Bays' breakfast of the year
Rotary club chooses exchange student
Free putt putt golf for children
Titanic theme for Pearl Beach dinner
Cinema under the stars
Taking part in breakfast program
Councillors need to say no to destruction of our lifestyle
Turn down temperature in the Peninsula oven
Council has forgotten it is there to ensure equal rights
Council should pause and question population targets
Why do we bother with council and its elected officials?
Permanent budget needed to keep waterways open
Act on dredging and bad driving, but not roundabout
Find time to toast success
Watering grass and concrete
Constructive political action is needed
Climate action rejected for 40 years
Men's activities result in improvement to well-being
Prosthetic limbs donated to 29 children
Cricket club raises $519 for cancer support
Film about gut health to be shown in Ettalong
Hospital staff provide drought aid and firefighter support
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Aboriginal history group shows four films
Choir holds registration day
Young singer wins music competition
English singer at folk club
Teachers' photos in social media campaign
Fun fair to show centre's program
Aged care course to be held again
Jemma Smith wins silver in debut appearance
Netball player conducts training session at Woy Woy
Graded Pairs held at Umina
Bowling clubs name Club Persons

Call for more council funding for free open-air film nights

An organiser of a series of free open-air film nights in Umina has called on Central Coast Council to continue funding the program.

Four film nights were held in the Peninsula Recreation Precinct by Umina Community Group and Jasmine Greens Park Kiosk between September and January, with a $10,000 grant from the council.

"The film nights have been really instrumental in fostering positive family activities in the precinct and in reducing crime and vandalism in the park at night," said kiosk owner Ms Gabby Greyem.

She said the cost of continuing the evening movies in the park would be low.

"I'd love to see the free movie nights continue with an annual monthly calendar."

Ms Greyem said more than 1200 people attended the events with an average audience of 300 people at each event.

"The film nights were conceived to foster a sense of community connection and local identity," she said.

"They were all about deterring crime and vandalism in the park by lighting up our park and creating a safe community space," she said.

The series of films was designed to appeal to families with young children, screening films including How To Train Your Dragon, Lilo and Stitch, and Madagascar.

A seven metre tall blow-up screen was erected in the park for each event, transforming the grass in front of the flying fox into an outdoor cinema.

"As the films played, kids played on the flying fox, climbed the rope tower and families cooked dinner on their barbecues.

"The atmosphere at every event was really calm and kid friendly," said Ms Greyem.

"There was absolutely no trouble at any of the events and we have noticed an overall decline in anti-social behaviour in the park.

"Bad weather did make us postpone the first two screenings, but even in cold weather, families came out with blankets, sleeping bags and eskies to enjoy the movies," she said.

"Audience feedback showed a resounding level of community support for more free movie nights and more community events in the precinct at night.

"One hundred per cent of survey respondents said they enjoyed the free movie screenings.

"Seventy-seven per cent of survey respondents said we need more evening events in the precinct.

"Nineteen per cent of respondents said they would like to see more film options for teenagers and adults," Ms Greyem said.

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