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Collapse Issue 436 - 15 Jan 2018Issue 436 - 15 Jan 2018
Factors combined for rail chaos
Commuters describe four-hour journeys
'Train' trip took three hours from Central
MacDonald apologises for train disruptions
Trackwork to be completed this week
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Molly celebrates 105th birthday
Australia Day activities on Woy Woy waterfront
Visit by NSW Maritime fails to result in fines
Ocean Beach area is dangerous, says Mehrtens
Tesch calls for Woy Woy wharf upgrade
Councillor questions need for study before action
Plans for sand study supported by community group
Rawson Rd was only crossing with two fatalities
Six tonnes of sand to be sculpted
Accident proves need for train guards - Tesch
Encourage development in Woy Woy, says Chamber
MP supports Umina youth festival
New electronic waste contractor engaged at the tip
Permanent dredging solution is supported - Tesch
Chamber opposes lower submission threshold
Rotary club pays for three Ugandan classrooms
Mary Mac's receives Rotary donations
Little 'trickle down' despite tourism success - Chamber
Council to appoint interim general manager
Surf club holds first seaside market
A ray of hope on the horizon
Sand creates hazard on footpaths
Any system is better than this unwieldy, exclusive one
Council could never be accused of acting in haste
Bank inquiry is good news
Open letter sent to Central Coast Council
Program to reduce risk of falling
Lymphoedema common on the Peninsula
Project success for retirement village and graduate
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Arts and crafts centre announces upgrades
Little Theatre performs satirical comedy Australia Day
Canadian duo first up at folk club
Blues Angels at Hardy's Bay

Commuters describe four-hour journeys

Woy Woy commuters have described on social media travelling up to four-hour journeys between Woy Woy and Central when the rail system failed on Tuesday, January 9.

However, many commented that the train system's problems were ongoing and far-reaching, not just confined to a couple of incidents on two days in January.

Hardy's Bay resident Mr David Abrahams spent Tuesday, January 9, navigating Sydney trains to get to Woy Woy from North Sydney.

"I jumped on the T1 North Shore Line," Mr Abrahams wrote on the Good Old Woy Woy Facebook page.

"The train was stopped at Gordon and we were shuttled onto buses.

"It was chaotic.

"Bus contractors were bought in to help clear the backlog of people moving north and south.

"Many of us were shuffled onto a bus that ended up at St Ives.

"The driver apologised and we needed to cross the Mona Vale Rd and return to Gordon and try again.

"I squeezed onto another bus.

"A convoy of buses crawled slowly to Berowra, where a sea of passengers were deposited and guided down to platforms.

"After several trains passed by, the platform announcements were apologetic and admitted to not knowing when the next train would stop.

"Eventually a train from the south stopped, though it was so full only a few of us could get on.

"We were all crammed in, standing, hot and thankful that we had eventually managed to get a ride home to Woy Woy."

The trip took three and half hours.

"Everyone of the passengers and the staff were good natured.

"There was a sense that we all were suffering together," Mr Abrahams said.

Other Woy Woy-based commuters said the issues were not confined to one or two days.

"There have been delays just about every day, both ways, for the past seven days, since Tuesday, January 2," said Mr David Bugden of Woy Woy.

"I left work at North Sydney at 4:45pm the other day and arrived home (Woy Woy) at 7:20pm," he said.

"It's not just Monday and Tuesday's problems," said Roslyn Jennings also of Woy Woy.

"On Christmas Eve at Woy Woy no one knew, including staff, what was happening after a broken rail north of Woy Woy," she said.

Central Coast councillor Jeff Sundstrom said: "I am not sure if outside of actual commuters it is widely known that trips between the Coast and Newcastle were also heavily affected.

"My son commutes to and from Kotara and his train trips were also delayed," Cr Sundstrom said.

"He was late to work before Christmas too so we don't need extreme weather or staff shortages to upset the State Rail applecart," he said.

Other commuters commented that trains had been cut from eight to four carriages, including during major commuter times.

"I love the way the State Government choses to split eight-carriage trains into two four-carrriage trains so it can say it doubled the number of trains without adding a single seat," he said.

"How about everyone who uses the service from four in the morning when the train has four carriages and is already overflowing at Woy Woy?" Ms Ness Cairns of Woy Woy said.

"I agree there are more four-carriage trains on the Central Coast line," Ms Jennings said.

Mr Stephen Doherty, also of Woy Woy, said the corridor has been poorly serviced for decades.

"What real work has been done to our corridor for decades?" he said.

"It is slower now than in the late 1980s and early 90s.

"Maybe I am just cynical but I feel they are trashing the network to later justify the privatisation of yet another state-owned asset.

"It is not beyond the scope of how they operate," he said.


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