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Collapse Issue 496:<br />15 Jun 2020<br />_____________Issue 496:
15 Jun 2020
Collapse  NEWS NEWS
On-demand commuter bus service stops abruptly
Council resists campaign for soap in public toilets
Keep coral trees, says shade tree group
Ownership mistake discovered
Registered clubs re-open to limited numbers of patrons
Her own teeth, a sense of humour and an able body
Landcare group seeks answers about damaged trees
Parking meters removed from implementation plan
Proposed swimming pool removal prompts action
Hardy's Bay hall re-roofed
Closing date extended for comment on facilities policy
'Play space' strategy online soon
Library offers select and collect service
Economic strategy to be open for public comment
Holstein elected to fire management committees
Local picnic spots miss out on Council listing
Safety concerns recorded for Peninsula schools
John Della Bosca honoured for service to public health
Friendship led to career seeking social justice
Peninsula more vulnerable than average to job losses
Check for unclaimed money, says Crouch
Council and national park campsites reopen
Umina PCYC plans to resume classes
Coronavirus puts damper on 70th birthday celebrations
Designs wanted
Peninsula records low rainfall in wettest month
Mutu St upgrade was needed
Exhaust all public transport and current parking options
Council's parking essay must make us all tremble
Planning Statement raises two queries
Issues keep circulating on planner merry-go-round
Planning vacuum fails to consider flooding
Principal asks that children wear helmets
Woy Woy school is yet to reopen to parents and carers
New plan for Year 5 opportunity class
Digital scoreboard installed at Woy Woy oval
Roosters expect to field three teams this season
Netball association frustrated by lack of clear guidelines
Charity bowls expected to resume soon
Leisure Centre re-opens for exercise
Pretty Beach tennis court reopens
Real estate interest led to local development

Exhaust all public transport and current parking options

Peninsula News (1 June 2020) highlighted both the possibility of a new multi-level commuter carpark near Woy Woy station and parking meters in response to existing and proposed population pressures.

Before Council undertakes further commuter car parking implementation, it would be advisable to first exhaust all public transport and current parking options.

More bus services, more subsidised on-demand public transport services, more free bicycle bike shed and more bicycle paths, as well as the possibility of increased supply for all-day commuter car parking at Deepwater Plaza parking station, should all be undertaken as first measures.

Parking meters are a negative initiative for consumers and retailers as consumers are conscious of time limits and tend to avoid parking meters if possible.

The proposition of a possible 6000 more dwellings under a high density local strategic plan would be unsupported, given the infrastructure capacity of the Peninsula.

Four or more storey blocks of apartments as defined as high density would adversely transform the distinctive and attractive local character of Woy Woy.

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