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Collapse Issue 494:<br />18 May 2020<br />_____________Issue 494:
18 May 2020
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Pocket parks face renewed threat, says reserves group
Woy Woy postmaster retires after 35-year career
Council approves five-storey hotel for Ettalong
Video meeting of community groups welcomed
Masterplan on display for second time
Draft plan envisages revitalisation of Woy Woy
Draft strategy 'well-considered and consistent', says Cox
Council appoints panel, but records its objection
Hardy's Bay club seeks $100,000 to avoid closure
Clothing ready for distribution
Rotary club connects with English club in video call
Salvos asks for online donations for Red Shield Appeal
Open space and footpath projects continue
Powers of council chief to be reviewed
Chamber of Commerce joins in Buy Local campaign
Many gamblers helped by lockdown, says counsellor
Ideas wanted for Wagstaffe Square garden
Residents asked to check their eligibility for vouchers
Donations sought of study and care packages
CWA produce becomes raffle prizes
Tip re-opens
Aged care facilities receive extra funding
Stores to re-open
Council starts to respond to lack of toilet soap
Local planning panel is a win for developers
Deserving public acknowledgement
Rotary thanks patrons and sponsors
Approval for Woy Woy aged care $12 million alterations
Fundraising for rescue helicopter by kayak
Staff look over new aged care wing
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Fifth time lucky for Archibald Prize entrant?
Online access for religious and ethics education
Maintenance work carried out over Easter break
New water play park at Leisure Centre
Surf club uses grant to buy tractor
Roosters junior registration continues
Tribute to Pearl Beach fire brigade
Brigade formed early to fight fires at Pearl Beach
... and the fires continue

Ideas wanted for Wagstaffe Square garden

The Wagstaffe-Killcare Community Association is wanting ideas for the garden around the paperback tree standing in the centre of Wagstaffe Square.

The tree is an iconic part of the Wagstaffe scenery, positioned in-between the store, community centre and wharf.

Association vice-president Ms Robyn Warburton said that, ever since the early 20th Century, there had been a tree standing in the same location in the heart of the community.

"For many decades at its centre was a Coral Tree... [before] a Norfolk Pine replaced [it] about 1960 and grew to be a much-admired magnificent feature of the square," Ms Warburton said.

"John Bell suggested Christmas lights and they were installed at Christmas time for a few years, funded by the Association, with the assistance of Council staff and their cherry picker."

When this tree died, the association purchased a new Norfolk Pine to replace it.

"Unfortunately, this tree did not grow straight, as Norfolk Pines should, so it was given a nick-name, 'Eileen Dover'.

"The next Norfolk Pine was healthy and growing vigorously and straight.

"It too was decorated with lights at Christmas time.

"Eighty or more native tube-stock plants were planted in the garden by an Association member with expertise in native plants.

"But, disaster struck the little tree.

"It began to die 'in stripes' as though sprayed with poison.

"The Association decided to survey the community to replace it with another species: the top choices being a paperbark or tuckeroo.

"While the matter was being discussed, the young plants began to grow.

"They had come from a nursery that backed onto a paperback forest, and a few additional young trees had come too-paperbarks.

"While some were in the wrong place and had to be removed, one grew in the centre.

"That was 10 years ago and now the tree and the garden have matured and are ready for a face-lift."

The Association is considering different ways to decorate the garden, with one idea being the installation of a sculpture.

They are asking the community for ideas which will be assessed by the Association members with the committee making the final decision.

If you would like to contribute to the discussion, submissions may be sent to association president Mr Mike Allsop at

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