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Collapse Issue 413 - 20 Feb 2017Issue 413 - 20 Feb 2017
Collapse  NEWS NEWS
Kathy Smith resigns due to return of cancer
Council withdraws Bullion St carpark from sale
Fines issued over pelican attack
Council presses Cabinet on channel dredging
Chief magistrate presses on with court changes
Lawyer receives scathing letter from chief magistrate
Labor branch condemns rail crossing decision
Demand for new villas and large homes
Time for a new Member, says Chamber
One Nation not registered for Gosford by-election
Belinda Neal may seek election for Gosford
Labor will have strong candidate, says senator
Liberal candidate to be announced soon
Best wishes for Kathy Smith
Third MP to resign due to illness or to die in office
Roads Minister visit was 'important', says MacDonald
Seven intersections, nine roads need funds - Chamber
Chamber warns of voter backlash
Nursing student seriously assaulted
Government insists election will be held on September 9
Let administrator merge planning schemes, says Wales
Gosford audit report delayed until March
More water refill stations
Premier confirms election timing
Progress association to hold annual meeting
New member at Rotary
Rotary donates defibrillator
Community fair
Stall raises funds for guide dogs
Cafe owner leaves 20-year fast food career
Travel expo attracts 30 service providers
No evidence new wharf is needed
Apply jetski ban to Central Coast
Disappointed to have been misquoted
Justification for underpass has been made
No wonder Trump is president
Lifeline offers counselling in Woy Woy
Collapse  ARTS ARTS
Eyeing the life of a travelling musician
Seasoned folk musicians play at Troubadour
Dancers come to Ettalong
Maintenance backlog tops $3M, say Shadow Minister
Volunteer ethics teachers sought
Former teacher dies
Yarning circle complete
PCYC gym club is small club of the year
Woy Woy bowler wins Hawaii trip
Women's golf club seeks playing members
Outstanding results in tough conditions
Hayden is junior lifesaver of the year
Social golf club celebrates 50 years
Annual match with blind cricket team
No victories for Peninsula teams

Seven intersections, nine roads need funds - Chamber

The Peninsula Chamber of Commerce has called for work on seven intersections, on nine roads and on drainage "hotspots" on the Peninsula to be funded by the NSW Government.

The intersections are at Rawson Rd-Ocean Beach Rd, McMasters Rd-Blackwall Rd, Dunban Rd-Ocean Beach Rd, Maitland Bay Dr-Picnic Pde, Lone Pine Ave-Ocean Beach Rd, Wellington St-Trafalgar Ave and at Blackwall Rd-Railway St.

The roads are Ryans Rd, Rabaul Ave, Brittania St, Hillview St, Picnic Pde, Haynes Ave, Pozieres Ave, Moana St and Mutu St.

Mr Wales listed the work needed in each case.

The Rawson Rd-Ocean Beach Rd intersection, with an existing single lane roundabout, was a key "choke point" in the morning and afternoon peaks between Woy Woy, Umina Beach and the connection to Woy Woy Rd.

"It needs to be upgraded to a signalised intersection to give priority at peak times to Ocean Beach Rd traffic.

"The McMasters Rd-Blackwall Rd T-intersection has no traffic facilities and needs to be signalised to integrate flows along Blackwall Rd and accommodate cross traffic from Ocean Beach Rd.

"Both legs are a bus route.

"The T-intersection at Dunban Rd-Ocean Beach Rd has no traffic facilities and needs to be signalised to integrate flows along Ocean Beach Rd between the traffic lights at McMasters Rd and the Rawson Rd roundabout.

"Both legs are a bus route.

"Maitland Bay Dr-Picnic Parade has a "sea-gull" facility but traffic flows along Maitland Bay Dr are increasing the accident risk at the intersection for traffic entering from Ettalong Beach.

"The intersection should be considered for a roundabout.

"Both legs are a bus route.

"The Lone Pine Ave-Ocean Beach Rd T-intersection has no traffic facilities and needs to be signalised to regulate flows from Lone Pine Ave, a collector road and bus route, so as to reduce accident risk.

"Umina Mall shopping centre is located at the intersection with Lone Pine Ave forming the busy collector road through to Woy Woy Rd.

"The Wellington St-Trafalgar Ave intersection has no traffic facilities and lies within the busy Umina Beach retail precinct.

"Traffic activity has dramatically increased in the town centre with Wellington St forming the bypass to West St and connecting with Trafalgar Ave which forms one of the busy collector feeds into the town.

"Both roads are bus routes.

"The Blackwall Rd-Railway St intersection in the Woy Woy town centre adjacent to the Woy Woy Rail interchange currently prevents a right turn movement from Blackwall Rd onto Railway St forcing all traffic heading to Gosford to divert through Charlton St (to the west) or weave through the old section of the Woy Woy town centre onto the busy intersection at Brickwharf Rd.

"A full review of the intersection is needed with the right turn movement being restored."

Mr Wales also listed the work needed on the roads the Chamber had identified.

"Ryans Rd needs completion of kerb and gutter, footpaths and drainage.

"The promise from the Federal Government for roads funding (around $1.5 million) will not complete this busy collector road and bus route, so additional funds are a priority.

"Rabaul Ave, between Lone Pine Ave and Hobart St, is a key collector road which takes a significant amount of traffic off Ocean Beach Rd.

"While it has some single lane roundabouts at key intersections, it needs kerb and gutter, footpaths and drainage for its length.

"It is a key school bus route.

"Brittania St, between Ocean Beach Rd and Springwood St, needs kerb and gutter, footpaths and drainage.

"It is a key cross street connecting Ocean Beach Rd, Trafalgar Ave and Springwood St.

"It takes pressure off West St and Bourke Rd for cross-town traffic.

"Hillview St, between Veron Rd and Everglades Cres, needs kerb and gutter, drainage and footpath on the eastern side.

"It is a key collector road servicing significant traffic flows to the Woy Woy rail underpass at Shoalhaven Dr.

"The eastern side is unkerbed, no drainage and no pedestrian footpath.

"It is a bus route and major access road for school children;

"Picnic Pde, on the western side between Fassifern St and Maitland Bay Dr, needs kerb and gutter, parking, drainage and footpath.

"It is the main entry point to Ettalong Beach and lies adjacent to the Ettalong Oval.

"It is a major bus route and this section accommodates parking to the sporting field.

"Haynes Ave, between Lone Pine Ave and Ryans Rd, needs kerb and gutter, footpaths and drainage.

"It forms part of the "rat run" of streets for traffic heading to the rail underpass at Shoalhaven Dr.

"Pozieres Ave, between Ocean Beach Rd and Peninsula Village, needs kerb and gutter, footpaths and drainage.

"It carries significant traffic to Peninsula Village which is the largest retirement complex on the Woy Woy Peninsula.

"Moana St, between Dunban Rd and Rawson Rd, needs kerb and gutter, footpaths and drainage.

"This street forms part of the "rat run" of streets for traffic heading to the Rawson Rd rail crossing.

"Mutu St needs kerb and gutter, footpaths and drainage.

"It lies within the busy industrial area off Rawson Rd, supporting wide range of light industrial businesses."

The Chamber also identified Mackenzie Ave, Watkin Ave, Dunalban Ave, Dorothy Ave and Boronia St as a major drainage "hot-spot" where roads and drainage infrastructure were "almost non-existent".

"This area regularly floods isolating residents and causing property damage.

"This is a major drainage issue for the Council and requires significant funds to alleviate flooding and rebuilding streets.

Mr Wales said: "It is universally recognised that 85 per cent of Peninsula roads were unkerbed, had little or no drainage and no pedestrian pathways.

"In an area with a resident population of almost 38,000 people, this is both socially and politically unacceptable.".


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