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1384016DA/2124/202254 Berith StreetUMINA BEACHAlterations and additions to residential developmentNotification/Advertising 22/07/2022 1384016DA/2124/202254 Berith Street272781632721543722 Jul 2022 11:2428 Sep 2022
1400800DA/2696/20224 Gross AvenueUMINA BEACHDual occupancyNotification/Advertising 26/08/2022Dual 1400800DA/2696/20224 Gross Avenue272475562724754829 Aug 2022 03:0028 Sep 2022
1404679DA/2869/202223 Pozieres AvenueUMINA BEACHAlterations and Additions to DwellingNotification/Advertising 6/09/2022 1404679DA/2869/202223 Pozieres Avenue272662762729782409 Sep 2022 06:4628 Sep 2022
1404681DA/2875/202239 Lagoon StreetETTALONG BEACHDwelling & GarageNotification/Advertising 6/09/2022 1404681DA/2875/202239 Lagoon Street272667672726367109 Sep 2022 06:4628 Sep 2022
1411967DA/3081/202284 Uligandi StreetETTALONG BEACHDwellingNotification/Advertising 19/09/2022 1411967DA/3081/202284 Uligandi Street272868512728684826 Sep 2022 12:0528 Sep 2022
1401319DA/2707/20221/24 Lake RoadBLACKWALLSwimming PoolNotification/Advertising 29/08/2022 1401319DA/2707/20221/24 Lake Road272480252724802031 Aug 2022 06:0426 Sep 2022
1402543DA/2772/20223 Birdwood AvenueUMINA BEACHGarages, carports and car parking spacesNotification/Advertising 30/08/2022 1402543DA/2772/20223 Birdwood Avenue272607442725318831 Aug 2022 06:0426 Sep 2022
1400795DA/2686/2022113 Springwood StreetETTALONG BEACHMulti-dwelling housingNotification/Advertising 26/08/2022Multi 1400795DA/2686/2022113 Springwood Street272524232725240629 Aug 2022 03:0026 Sep 2022
1383695DA/2115/202283 Booker Bay RoadBOOKER BAYDual occupancyNotification/Advertising 21/07/2022Dual 1383695DA/2115/202283 Booker Bay Road272160652721606322 Jul 2022 11:2426 Sep 2022
1288879DA/64/20222 Ferry RoadETTALONG BEACHDwelling, Garages, carports and car parking spacesNotification/Advertising 15/03/2022 1288879DA/64/20222 Ferry Road270193112729164712 May 2022 10:0826 Sep 2022
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