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1561212DA/2191/202383 Hobart AvenueUMINA BEACHTwo Storey Dwelling to create Detached Dual Occupancy, Inground Swimming Pool, Subdivision & Tree RemovalDual 2795112527923366279233537/11/202308 Nov 2023 10:2307 Dec 2023 Notification/Advertising07 Dec 2023 
1561624DA/2202/2023181 North Burge RoadWOY WOYAttached Two Storey Dual Occupancy, Subdivision & Demolition of existing structuresDual 27926441279264397/11/202308 Nov 2023 10:2307 Dec 2023 Notification/Advertising07 Dec 2023 
1562027DA/2217/202347 Donald AvenueUMINA BEACHDwelling House, Residential Accommodation, Alterations or additions to an existing building or structure 27932158279387589/11/202310 Nov 2023 09:2707 Dec 2023 Notification/Advertising07 Dec 2023 
1562186DA/2216/20239 Warrah StreetETTALONG BEACHDwelling & Detached Secondary Dwelling 27930648279306579/11/202310 Nov 2023 09:2707 Dec 2023 Notification/Advertising07 Dec 2023 
1563463DA/2251/20236 Bullion StreetUMINA BEACHHome business & Alterations or additions 2794099615/11/202326 Nov 2023 10:3807 Dec 2023 Notification/Advertising07 Dec 2023 
1563333DA/2239/202316 Everglades CrescentWOY WOYSecondary Dwelling 279372212793723117/11/202326 Nov 2023 10:3826 Nov 2023 Notification/Advertising  
1554771DA/2056/2023140 Trafalgar AvenueUMINA BEACHMulti-dwelling housing, Erection of a new structureMulti 27895159278951392792575712/10/202313 Oct 2023 04:2923 Nov 2023 Notification/Advertising23 Nov 2023 
1551572DA/57593/2019/A90 Osborne AvenueUMINA BEACHCommunity Facility - Umina Mens Shed (Amended Application) 28/09/202304 Oct 2023 06:1306 Nov 2023 Notification/Advertising06 Nov 2023 
1513719DA/1125/202358 Booker Bay RoadBOOKER BAYRoof Repairs including Solar Farm Installation 2768368122/05/202325 May 2023 07:0924 Jun 2023 Notification/Advertising07 Dec 2023 
1026851DA/61592/202116 Warrah StreetETTALONG BEACHMulti Dwelling Housing (3) & Demolition of Existing & Removal of 1TreeMulti 275510972755110016/04/202112 Jun 2022 11:4527 Mar 2023 Notification/Advertising07 Dec 2023 
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